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Finnish exports to Europe boosted by 22 % in Q3

17.12.2020 − 

Finnish exports of rough-sawn and planed sawnwood to European countries in the third quarter were 22 % higher than in the same period of last year at 889,717 m³ with an increase of eight percentage points in their share of the total exports at 45 %. Deliveries to the UK (259,926 m³) and France (106,766 m³) each rose at an above-average rate of a third. According to information from the Finnish customs office in Helsinki, 15 % more than last year was delivered to customers in Germany at 135,626 m³. Roughly the same amount as last year was exported to Estonia (83,210 m³).

Deliveries to non-European countries fell by 15 % to 1.080m m³ and their share of the total by eight percentage points to 55 %. The exports to North Africa fell by a quarter 372,518 m³. Deliveries to Egypt (220,395 m³) and Algeria (63,677 m³) each fell by a third where the volume of sawn softwood exported to Morocco (65,637 m³) was 38 % higher than last year. Exports to East Asia also were also reduced by a quarter to 408,314 m³. The reduction is mainly attributable to lower exports to China (-27 % to 188,322 m³) and Japan (-24 % to 162,935 m³). Exports to the near and Middle East were increased 20 % to 265,170 m³ (220,485 m³), 155,761 m³ of which went to Saudi Arabia (+38 %). Albeit from a low baseline, deliveries to the USA were boosted by 147 % to 24,561 m³.

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