Fewer building approvals in December

05.04.2021 − 

In December, building approvals for living units in new residential buildings in Germany decreased by 11.4% vis à vis the comparative month of the preceding year to 31,746 units. Approvals had also declined in July (-2.7%) and October (-5.7%). In all other months, the respective figure of the previous year had been surpassed. The most significant rise in approvals was recorded in June (+24.4%). The decline in approvals for new residential buildings ensues from the decline in the area of multi-family houses (-17.4% to 20,323 units) and residential homes (-49.3% to 1,162) units. In the context of building measures relating to existing buildings, 4,131 approvals were granted, representing a 7.0% decline. With regard to new and existing residential and non-residential buildings, approvals were down 11.0% to 36,530 units.

Over the entire year 320,225 approvals were granted for living units in new residential buildings, for which construction costs amounting to €61.213bn were estimated. With regard to approvals granted and construction costs estimated, this represents increases of 2.9% and 7.4% respectively. The number of approved detached houses increased by 2.4%. Regarding approved living units in semi-detached houses, a rise of 20.5% to 25,672 units was recorded. Approvals for living units in multi-family houses, at 190,000 units, remained stable. In the case of residential homes, 12,171 living units were approved, a 16.5% increase. A total of 368,439 living units were approved in new and existing residential and non-residential buildings, representing a rise of 2.2%.

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