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Export of Russian roundwood to be banned

26.10.2020 − 

President of Russia Vladimir Putin intends to ban the export of unprocessed roundwood from 2022 onwards. According to a press release issued by the Kremlin on 30 September, Putin has instructed the Russian government to present drafted legislation to this effect in the coming months. According to the president, large volumes of unprocessed roundwood continue to be exported especially from Siberia and the far east of Russia. In order to reduce illegal harvesting, which is often a major factor in making exports possible, the digital information system for monitoring the forestry industry - already in use in various regions - is to be extended to eastern Russia. The additional volumes of roundwood that will be available following implementation of the ban are intended to enable the Russian timber industry to increase production. Furthermore, the construction of wooden housing is to be expanded. As recently as September 2019, a law was passed necessitating proof of origin when exporting softwood logs.

Nevertheless, roundwood still accounts for almost 90% of the total volume of exported wood products. In contrast, roundwood exports account for only 48% of the total recorded export revenue generated by wood products, to the amount of US$12.3bn.

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