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Experts to develop long-term plan in Bialowieza forest

11.06.2018 − 

Polish environment minister Henryk Kowalczyk has appointed an expert team which is to develop a long-term plan for the Puszcza Bialowieska forestry area in east Poland. Kowalczyk requested environmental organisations to delegate representatives to the team. The group, which consists of a total of 29 persons, is to develop proposals for the protection of the forestry area. On the basis of these proposals and in collaboration with the EU Commission, Kowalczyk is to decide on how the Bialowieza forest can be protected in future.

By appointing the expert team, the environment minister is responding to a verdict pronounced on 17 April by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) according to which the felling measures carried out by the Polish state forest administration in the forestry area are unlawful.

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