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EOS members’ sawn hardwood output up slightly

12.07.2019 − 

The sawn hardwood output by the member countries of the European Organisation of the Sawmill Industry (EOS) increased slightly by 1 % in 2018 to 6.12m m³ (2017: 6.04m m³). The figure had still been 6.27m m³ in 2016. This equates to a reduction of a mere 4 % against 2015 in which the output had amounted to 6.4m m³. At 6.19m m³, the volume in 2014 was similar to 2018. This shows that sawn hardwood production has been comparatively stable over the last few years. Significant changes in the EOS output of sawn hardwood are only apparent over a ten-year period. Almost 7m m³ of sawn hardwood were produced in 2008 before the output then slumped to 5.82m m³ in 2009 due to the financial and property crisis.

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