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EOS: impact of corona crisis less severe than feared

30.06.2020 − 

The members of the European Organisation of the Sawmill Industry (EOS) at the general meeting on 10 June, the first one ever held online due to the corona pandemic, believe the effects of the corona crisis on softwood sawmills have so far been less serious than feared. Many sawmills have benefited from brisk business activity resulting from the DIY stores kept open in many countries. An additional need for construction-timber assortments has also been generated in many places. This has sometimes been generated by the measures taken to contain the corona virus. In spite of the shutdowns, many countries also permitted work to continue on building sites with the appropriate protective measures to the extent that sawnwood deliveries have remained uninterrupted.

At least for a time, substantial volumes of sawnwood have also been called for release by pallet and packaging producers in some places. Sawn softwood exports to places such as Asia and North America have also remained above the expectations at the outset of the corona crisis. After the cutbacks in output in March and April, many European softwood sawmills correspondingly increased their output again in May and then resumed normal operation. At the beginning of June, the opinion at the general meeting was that the reduction in the volume of sawnwood output in 2020 as a whole would be able to be limited to 10 %.

In order to illustrate the effects of the corona crisis on the European sawmilling industry more comprehensively, EOS will not be publishing the annual report announced for June until autumn this year. In it, the corona crisis will be a focal point in the reports and analyses.

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