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EOS expects sawn softwood production to increase

21.06.2018 − 

The European Organisation of the Sawmill Industry (EOS) expects sawn softwood production in the 13 member countries to increase by 1.3 % to around 85.5m m³ in the current year. This would increase production for the sixth year in a row and also reach the highest level of the past ten years.


According to current forecasts, production is expected to increase in eleven countries, with only Italy (-2.1%) and Norway (-2.1%) expected to see a decline in production. With +2.3% to 22.50m m³ and +2.0% to 9.67m m³, the highest growth rates are expected for Germany and Austria in absolute terms. At 18.06m m³, production in Sweden is expected to be at the previous year's level, while a slight increase of 0.8% to 12.00m m³ is forecast for Finland.



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