Enviva Partners improves EBITDA by roughly 10%

20.05.2016 − 

The US-American pellet manufacturer Enviva Partners generated sales in the first quarter of roughly 560,000 t of pellets, representing year-on-year decline of roughly 4%. Those pellet sales brought turnover of US$103.45m, while total turnover, at US$107.25m, was down year on year by 6.2%. However, as a result of lower write-offs and reduced production and raw-material costs, corrected gross profit increased by 13.7% to US$22.64m. The margin per tonne of pellets therefore increased by 18.3% to US$40.42.

The payment of US$1.7m by a third-party supplier who prematurely terminated his contract with Enviva contributed to the improvements in the first quarter's adjusted EBITDA of 9.6% to roughly US$18.50m and to the roughly tripling of the net result to US$7.48m.

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