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Duma allows further draft for ban on log exports

04.04.2019 − 

On 28 February, ten deputies introduced to Russia’s Duma a draft bill through log exports are to be banned until 31 December 2035. On the same day, the Duma members voted in favour of discussing the draft with the number 655421-7 before the end of this year. No dates have been set yet for a debate on the draft bill, however.

Sawmill residues and firewood are to be exempted from the export ban. The petitioners criticise the regressive proceeds from log exports in the last few years. The purpose of the export ban is to help curb the sharp rise in illegal felling in the last few years. The petitioners believe most of the illegally-felled logs are exported. The Russian forest authority Rosleschos estimates the loss of revenue for the Russian state arising from illegal felling to be 11.5bn RUB per year (roughly equivalent to 150m €). According to Rosleschos, the volumes of illegally-harvested logs have been increasing continuously in the last few years. Instead of exporting unprocessed wood products, exports of products with greater added value should be increased, say the initiators of the draft bill.

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