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Decrease in Latvian sawn timber exports intensifies

09.08.2018 − 

Latvian exports of sawn and planed sawn softwood fell by 15 % to 603,000 m³ in the first quarter worth € 127.3 million (-8 %). This means that the decline in exports has intensified compared with the previous year. By 2017, exports had fallen by 5% in the first quarter, followed by a decline of 1% each in the second and third quarters. In the fourth quarter, the figure was 4% lower than in the previous year.

According to the Forest Department within the Latvian Ministry of Agriculture, deliveries to all relevant export markets have decreased in the first three months of the current year. Among others, exports to Great Britain (-12% to 209,100 m³), Estonia (-30% to 51,900 m³) and South Korea (-8% to 34,500 m³) fell.

Latvia imported 241,000 m³ (+5%) worth € 35.4 million (+7%) in the reporting period. Imports from Belarus (+49% to 128,800 m³) and Russia (-10% to 57,300 m³) accounted for more than two thirds of total imports.

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