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Decrease in German beech lumber exports to China

08.03.2016 − 

Exports by German sawmills and trading companies of beech lumber to China were slightly below volumes recorded in 2014 in all quarters of 2015 with the exception of the third quarter. After the Federal Statistical Office recorded a decline of 3% in both the first and second quarters followed by an increase of 3% in the third quarter vis à vis the preceding year, deliveries in the fourth quarter decreased by 6% to 25,217m³. Thus reports of slightly weaker demand for lumber in China which have been circulating since the summer months are reflected in the export figures of the Federal Statistical Office. The decline, however, is less than had been expected in some cases.

Concerning exports to Asia, declines in exports to Vietnam in the fourth quarter were even more significant than in deliveries to China. At -24% to 1,549m³, the lowest volume of beech lumber of all four quarters was shipped to Vietnam between October and December.

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