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Czech Republic presents strategy for bark beetle control

04.01.2019 − 

On 14th December the Czech Ministry of Agriculture presented a package of measures to combat bark beetle calamity. According to the package, the Forest Act is to be amended so that trees that are infested but can still be used are given priority. The processing of dead trees, on the other hand, can be postponed until later. In addition, the Ministry of Agriculture is considering reducing the value-added tax on firewood from currently 21 % to 10 %. In cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the energy group CEZ, possibilities are being examined for burning harmful wood in CEZ power plants.
Approximately CZK 1.15 bn (equivalent to € 44.4 m) is to be made available for afforestation in 2019; currently the subsidy amounts to CZK 630 m/year. Accordingly, the production will almost double from the current 550 CZK/ha to 1,000 CZK/ha.

The Ministry of Agriculture expects up to 14m m³ of damaged timber in 2018, more than twice as much as in 2017. By region, the largest losses to date have been recorded in Moravia, South Moravia, Olomouc, Zlín, South Bohemia and the Kraj Pilsen and Vysocina regions.

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