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Croatia restricting oak exports with immediate effect

03.07.2017 − 

Decree NN 52/2017 by the Croatian ministry of agriculture Ministarstvo Poljoprivrede published in the official Croatian law gazette Norodne Novine on 1 June tightens and extends the scope of the restrictions on oak log exports that already exist in Croatia. The regulation that came into force on the day of its publication in the law gazette provides for a de facto export ban on oak logs and oak timber with a moisture content of more than 20%. The timber regulation applies for trimmed as well as untrimmed goods.

As such, oak logs and timber from them can now only be transported within Croatian territory. Transportation of wood from the place of felling or, in the case of timber, the place of production to the processing plant must also be by the shortest possible route. Residues arising from processing are only permitted to be transported within Croatia when inside closed containers. The regulations also apply for plant material.

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