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Continental Wood Products to become Bergs Timber UK

13.12.2018 − 

In the course of the integration of the British wholesaler Continental Wood Products into Bergs Timber the company is being renamed Bergs Timber (UK) with effect from 1 January. According to information from Bergs Timber in a release published on 3 December, agreement has been reached with the trading company QP Timber Ltd of Colchester, through which Bergs Timber products are currently distributed in the UK, on a gradual transfer of the existing sales activities during the course of the first quarter. Jonny Anderson, product manager at Bergs Timber since March 2017, will be appointed director for softwood and will oversee the direct sales in future. Jerry Wilson remains director for stock sales.

According to company sources, the amalgamation of the sales activities on the British market also creates the means for serving customers through the company’s own port terminal and with its own freight capacity in future. Continental Wood Products has handling terminal for forest products near London and its own ship. The Baltic works within the Bergs Timber group will retain their present routes for supply the British market for the time being.

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