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COFFI expects further increase in lumber production

17.12.2018 − 

For 2018 the UNECE Committee on Forests and the Forest Industry (COFFI) expects a volume of 264.1m m³, representing a 2.1% increase vis à vis 2017 in production of softwood lumber in the UNECE/FAO region. The increase rate forecast for next year, at +1.4% to 267.7m m³, is somewhat lower. In terms of regions, the figures presented at this year’s COFFI conference, held in Vancouver (British Columbia) from 05 to 09 November 2018, reflect the highest percentage rate of increase in 2018 for Europe at +3.1% to 112.5m m³, followed by the CIS region at +2.7% to some 45.0m m³. For North America, a comparatively small increase of 0.9% to 106.7m m³ is anticipated. Europe’s proportion of total production in 2018 is therefore forecast to be around 42.6%, with North America and the CIS region contributing proportions of 40.4% and 17.0% respectively.

Over the last ten years, production of softwood lumber in the UNECE/FAO region rose by 21.6%. This increase is mainly due to the CIS region, where production almost doubled. For North America, an increase rate of 18.5% ensues, whilst the production increase of 8.7% in Europe was rather moderate by comparison.

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