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COFFI anticipates lower logging volume in 2020

25.11.2020 − 

Despite extensive forest damage in parts of central Europe and Scandinavia, the UNECE Committee on Forests and the Forest Industry (COFFI) expects timber harvesting in Europe in 2020 to decline by 2.2% to 463.2m m³. According to the figures presented at the 78th session of COFFI held in Geneva on 4 to 6 November, timber harvesting will comprise 329.1m m³ softwood and 134.1m m³ hardwood. For 2021, timber harvesting in Europe is expected to increase again by 1.8% vis à vis 2020 to 471.5m m³, of which 332.6m m³ will be softwood and 138.9m m³ hardwood. This volume, however, is still lower than the figures recorded in 2019. As is also the case regarding other current statistics, compared to last year, also in the case of roundwood, data from various countries such as Belgium, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and also Norway, has not been included. This is particularly obvious with regard to softwood harvesting and makes a comparison with the figures published last year difficult.

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