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Chilean softwood lumber exports increase by 3%

15.04.2021 − 

In the fourth quarter, Chilean exports of rough-sawn radiata pine lumber increased by 3% vis à vis the preceding year to a volume of 592,853m³. Increases were recorded concerning deliveries to countries such as Vietnam (+66% to 128,288m³), South Korea (+7% to 90,617m³) and Saudi Arabia (+22% to 30,903m³). Declines, by contrast, were recorded concerning exports to China (-7% to 113,259m³), Japan (-33% to 30,666m³) and Mexico (-30% to 34,259m³). With this increase, the growth recorded in the third quarter (+4%) continued. However, the double-digit percentage rate declines in the first (-12%) and second (-25%) quarters could only be partially compensated for.

Thus, over the entire year, exports at a value of US$453.8m (2019: 544.7m) declined by 8% to a volume of 2.312m m³. The value of exports decreased by 17%. According to Instituto Forestal (Infor) declines were also recorded in deliveries to China (-16%) and Japan (-30%). Decreases in the single-digit percentage range were recorded in the case of exports to South Korea (-7%), Saudi Arabia (-9%) and Mexico (-5%).

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