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Chilean radiata pine lumber exports increase by 31%

12.04.2019 − 

In the fourth quarter Chilean exports of radiata pine lumber, at 762,412m³, surpassed the preceding year’s figure by 31%. According to statistics published by Instituto Forestal (Infor) the volume of exports recorded in the fourth quarter represents the most significant increase of 2018. Following a decline in the first quarter (-1% to 652,132m³), exports increased in the second and third quarters by 10% to 656,988m³ and 721,387m³ respectively. The value of exported radiata pine lumber rose by 19% to US$158.4m in the fourth quarter. The notional value per exported cubic metre of radiata pine lumber decreased by 9% to US$208/m³.

On the domestic market in Chile the price for radiata pine lumber decreased over the course of 2018 from US$110/m³ (January/February) via US$103/m³ (May/June) to an average of US$97/m³ (September/October) ex works in each case Bío-Bío region. In November/December the prices stabilised at this level.

Classified according to countries, the volumes sold to customers in South Korea and Vietnam increased by 40% in each case vis à vis the comparative quarter of the preceding year to 153,822m³ and to 102,100m³ respectively. Deliveries to Mexico, at 45,303m³, increased at the same rate. Exports to Saudi Arabia, at 47,719m³, rose by 11%. The volumes sold to customers in China, by contrast, decreased by 28% to 96,233m³.

Over the entire period of 2018 Chile exported 2.793m m³ at a value of US$632.8m; the export volume as well as value thus increased at a double-digit rate. Whereas exports to China only increased slightly, for South Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Costa Rica, Infor records double-digit increases in each case.

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