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Chilean radiata pine exports decreased

15.12.2017 − 

Chilean exports of radiata pine timber in the first nine months fell 2% short of the figure for the same period of last year at 1.932m m³. According to information from Instituto Forestal (Infor), the export value was 3% higher than a year earlier at 417.1m $ $). The arithmetic value per exported cubic metre of radiate pine timber thus rose by 5% to 216 $/m³.

Amongst the countries with a reduced volume of incoming deliveries were China (-2% to 448,458 m³), Mexico (-35% to 123,317 m³), and Saudi Arabia (-38% to 170,677 m³). The reductions were only partly compensated for by greater exports to South Korea (+16% to 356,684 m³) and Vietnam (+17% to 224,283 m³).

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