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Canfor’s sawnwood production reduced by 10%

03.12.2021 − 

During the course of the third quarter, Canfor reduced its sawn-softwood output by almost 10% to 1.279bn bdft but the changes varied widely from one region to another. The output of SPF sawnwood in Canada, for example, fell by 24% to 550m bdft whereas only 4% less SYP sawnwood was produced in the USA at 413m bdft. Stephen Mackie, executive vice president North American Operations, had already announced at the end of July that Canfor was planning to cut back sawn-softwood production by roughly 115m bdft in the third quarter. At that time, this was said to be due to the forest fires in British Columbia, which were having a significant impact on the supply of roundwood to the sawmills and on logistics.

In the European works, on the other hand, the output of WSPF sawnwood amounted to 316m bdft, equating to an increase of 46% on the previous year. This growth, however, is mainly attributable to the acquisition of three sawmills from Bergs Timber through the Canfor subsidiary Vida, which was completed on 1 September 2020.

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