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British sawmills increased lumber production by 5%

14.11.2017 − 

In 2016 British sawmills produced a total of 3.624m m³ softwood lumber. By comparison with the preceding year, in which production of home-grown timber amounted to 3.449m m³, this corresponds to an increase of 5%. According to the latest Forestry Statistics published by Forestry Commission production in Scotland also increased by 5% to 1.871m m³. In England and Northern Ireland production volumes increased at a similar rate to 1.093m m³ and 294,000m³ respectively. Production increased most significantly in Wales by 13% to 366,000m³.

This increase in 2016 only partially compensated the decline of 7% recorded in 2015 by comparison with 2014. In 2014 British sawmills produced 3.716m m³ softwood lumber and thus reached the highest production volume ever recorded by the Forestry Commission.

Classified in terms of size, sawmills with an annual production of over 100,000m³ produced a total of 2.296m m³ softwood lumber in 2016. As a proportion of total production in Great Britain, this constitutes an increase by three percentage points to 63%. The companies with a production volume of 50,000-100,000m³ produced 597,000m³, which constitutes 16% of British production. Production by sawmills with annual production of 10,000-25,000m³ increased by 14% to 338,000m³.

Sawmills in the other size-classes, in contrast, produced less in 2016 than in the preceding year. For companies which reach an annual production of 25,000-50,000m³, production plummeted by 60% to 186,000m³. In the case of sawmills with an annual production of up to 10,000m³, the volume produced, at 208,000m³, fell short of the preceding year’s figure by 21%.

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