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Belarus increases softwood lumber exports by 37%

09.03.2017 − 

In 2016 Belarusian exports of rough-sawn and planed softwood lumber increased by 37% vis à vis the preceding year to 1.467m m³. According to the Belstat, deliveries to the EU increased by 42% to 1.372m m³. Of this volume, 394,000m³ was delivered to Germany, representing an increase of 30%. Exports to Lithuania and Latvia increased by 45% to 267,000m³ and 70% to 251,000m³ respectively. There was a 53% increase by comparison to the preceding year in deliveries to Poland at 101,000m³. Exports to Belgium and the Netherlands were 16% and 26% above the preceding year’s volumes at 106,000m³ and 91,000m³ respectively. Exports to CIS states, in contrast, decreased by 17% to 84,000m³. Of this volume, 43,000m³ was exported to Azerbaijan, representing a decrease of 35%.

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