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Belarus has produced 19% more sawn timber

20.08.2018 − 

In Belarus, sawn timber production increased by 19% to 3.274m m³ in 2017 compared to the previous year. Production volumes have thus increased continuously since 2013 (2.630m m³). In 2011, the second highest volume in the past seven years was recorded at 2.808m m³.

According to the 2017 Yearbook published on August 10 by the Belarusian statistical authority Belstat, production in the Minsk Oblast was 22% higher than in the previous year at 929,000 m³. In the Vitebsk (601,000 m³) and Gomel (526,000 m³) oblasts, increases of one quarter were recorded. Production in the Mogilev (+14 % to 576,000 m³), Brest (+11 % to 330,000 m³) and Grodno (+11 % to 258,000 m³) oblasts grew below average.

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