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Beetlewood incidence still high in Switzerland in 2020

08.03.2021 − 

Roughly 1.532m m³ of beetle-damaged wood arose in Switzerland in 2020, 3 % more than a year earlier. According to the provisional figures on unscheduled felling due to bark-beetle infestation published by the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow, and Landscape Research (WSL) on 9 February, the 1.384m m³ originally given for 2019 has been adjusted for subsequent felling. Due to the increase of only 3 %, the rate of growth is down sharply against the previous year. From a baseline of 327,000 m³ in 2017, the volumes of beetle-damaged wood in 2018 also adjusted for subsequent felling more than doubled to 830,000 m³. The volumes of beetle-damaged wood currently estimated for 2020 are split into 1.226m m³ of already cleared beetlewood and around 306,000 m³ of standing beetlewood. A precise figure for 2020 will not be forthcoming until autumn, however, when the exact data will be available for the unscheduled felling performed in the winter months of 2020/2021 along with the beetlewood left standing.

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