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Beech roundwood exports to China up by one third

09.04.2018 − 

Whilst German exports of beech roundwood declined by a total of 8% to 165,748 m³ in the fourth quarter of 2017, according to the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) a considerable increase in deliveries to China was recorded - with a rise of 35% to 74,609 m³. This means exports to China reached a proportion of 45% of total beech roundwood exports.

Concerning oak roundwood exports, the increase of 14% to 37,271 m³ was also predominantly due to Asian exports. Whereas exports to EU countries fell by 35% to 12,874 m³, in the case of exports to China the volume exported doubled to 21,398 m³.

The decline in exports to countries in the EU was due to a considerable extent to the decline in exports to Denmark. It is important to note, however, similar to beech roundwood deliveries, that a significant increase of 72% to 6,630 m³ is recorded in oak roundwood deliveries to Denmark.

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