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Bark beetle damaged 5.5m m³ in the Czech Republic

16.07.2018 − 

Following an increase in the volume of Bark beetle damaged wood from about 2.0m m³ in 2016 to about 5.5m m³ in 2017, this year the Czech Republic is threatened with the heaviest bark beetle calamity in the country's history. According to Czech media reports, according to Agriculture Minister Miroslav Toman and Environment Minister Richard Brabec, an additional 6,000 workers are needed to deal with the ongoing damage and curb further spread. The capacities for timber handling would also have to be expanded from currently around 1.4m m³ to around 2.5m m³. Ministers also announced that support for private forest owners for beetle wood processing and storage and for reforestation measures would be increased from CZK 550m to 1.15b.

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