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Baltic sawmills seek alternative sales markets

30.08.2012 − 

Against the backdrop of unfavourable sales possibilities in Europe, Baltic sawmills and industrial planing mills are increasing their sales efforts on non-European markets. As a result of sufficient sales in North Africa and East Asia, Baltic consignors can currently largely compensate for the decline in sales in Europe. Because of the holiday period and the general economic situation, demand for rough-sawn and planed lumber on relevant European sales markets is very low at the present time. Buying is currently largely based on immediate requirements. Buyers are justifying their restraint with sufficient stocks. Market participants are showing caution with respect to the further trend in demand on European markets and there are at the present time virtually no signs that demand for structural and packaging lumber will show any appreciable increase following the end of the holiday season. Should the revival at the end of the holidays largely not materialise, as was the case last year, business is expected to be extremely difficult in the fourth quarter.

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