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Auvinen confirmed as EOS President for two more years

19.06.2019 − 

At the General Assembly of the European Organisation of the Sawmill Industry (EOS) held yesterday in Vienna, Sampsa Auvinen was confirmed as President for a further two years. Ernest Schilliger (Schilliger Holz) has also been re-elected as Vice President of Softwood Lumber. The current members of the EOS Board of Directors Kai Merivuori (Sahateollisuus), Herbert Jöbstl (Stora Enso), Thomas Sève (Monnet-Sève) and Nicolas Douzain-Didier (Fédération Nationale du Bois) have been re-elected. Stephan Lang (Rettenmeier), Mathias Fridholm (Skogsindustrierna) and Nicolae Tucunel (Forex) were elected as new members of the board. Maria Polz (EHP) was elected Vice-President of Hardwood Lumber for the first time.

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