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Austrian sawmilling industry’s output up 5% in 2015

21.06.2016 − 

Austrian sawmilling companies produced a total of 8.87m m³ of softwood lumber last year; roughly 4% more than a year earlier. According to the “2015/2016 Industry Report” presented by the Austrian Timber Industry Association on 2 June, roughly 97.9% of the total output was accounted for by softwood lumber assortments at 8.68m m³, 8.04m m³ or 92.6% of which comprised spruce/fir. The value of the softwood lumber output rose less sharply by +2% to €1.610bn. The output of softwood lumber also gave rise to 19.46m m³ of sawmill residues worth a total of €286m, which equates to an increase of 2% and 1% respectively against the year before.

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