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Austrian sawmill industry cuts back production noticeably in August

17.08.2011 − 

Broad sections of the Austrian sawmill industry will in the current month continue the production cutbacks started in July and in most cases even extend them in accordance with the holiday period. Numerous sawmills have completely stopped sawing in August for an average of two weeks, while some mills have announced shutdowns of three weeks. Production cutbacks and shut-downs are being carried out across the board, regardless of business size. Some businesses are planning to reduce sawing on a larger scale than that seen in previous years. Cutbacks are being justified primarily with the objective of adjusting the excess supplies seen during parts of June/July to respective prevailing sales conditions and thereby of stabilising selling prices at least at the level seen at the beginning of August. However, producers estimate that a significant reduction in supply will also open up real opportunities again to push through price hikes for some ranges in autumn business.

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