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ATA Timber founds subsidiary for sales in Great Britain

02.03.2021 − 

ATA Timber has been conducting the majority of its lumber sales in Great Britain since 1 January 2021 via the newly founded subsidiary ATA Timber UK. Furthermore, a separate sales warehouse has been established in the south of England near London, which will serve rurally-based customers in future. According to head of sales Roger Tagesson, the company’s focus is to be on sales to larger construction companies and DIY stores. Stocks will include C16/C24 treated and untreated in the dimensions 45x45-245mm and 73x95-22mm; CLS C16 and better in 38x63/89/140mm; BS5534 laths (19x38mm and 25x38/50mm); and A type laths (25x38/50mm).

Softwood lumber production at all of the group’s six sawmills is currently stated to amount to approximately 520,000m³/annum, more than half of which is further processed internally. The export rate amounts to 80-85%. In addition, the company operates a pulp plant for the production of Bleached Chemi-ThermoMechanical Pulp (BCTMP) with an annual capacity of some 125,000t.

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