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Area of FSC-certified forests in Indonesia raised to 1.2m ha

30.06.2012 − 

The forest area in Indonesia certified compliant with FSC regulations more than doubled to a total of 1.223m ha in mid-June when FSC certificates were officially issued to six Indonesian forestry companies for a total area of 623,000 ha. The companies had completed the certification process in the preceding months. The certificates were presented on 13 June at an event organised by NGO Borneo Initiative of Jakarta Selatan. The individual companies concerned are PT Roda Mas Timber (69,620 ha), PT Kemakmuran Berkah Timur (82,810 ha), PT Belayan River Timber (97,500 ha), and PT Narkata Rimba (41,540 ha), all of Senayan, and PT Suka Jaya Makmur in Ketapang (171,340 ha) as well as PT Sarmiento Parakantja Timber in Jakarta (216,580 ha). The areas of FSC-certified forests in Indonesia will probably continue to grow in the months ahead.

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