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Advantage Lumber acquires facility in Brazil

28.09.2017 − 

The US company Advantage Trim & Lumber Company Inc., based in Buffalo, New York, acquired a sawmill in Benevides in the Brazilian state of Pará from WX Comercio e Exportacao de Madeira Eireli at the end of June 2017. The production facility is close to a downstream refining location run by Advantage Trim & Lumber in Ananineua. The sawmill, which has operated under the name Lumber Queens since the take-over, has two cutting lines with a combined capacity of 34,000 bdft per shift, which according to the company’s calculations adds up to roughly 80 m3 per shift. The 10-acre roundwood yard can hold 3 million bdft or about 7,000 m3 of roundwood, meaning that it can set up enough stocks for times that are unfavourable for roundwood transportation so cutting can continue. The sawmill also has its own port with a capacity for rafts of up to 850,000 bdft or 2,000 m3. Roundwood is currently procured using partners with corresponding concessions. Efforts are currently afoot to acquire its own logging concessions. The mill is to complete the process of gaining certification in accordance with FSC guidelines at the end of September.

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