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27 % growth registered in Sweden’s exports to Europe

05.01.2021 − 

During the course of September, Swedish exporters increased their deliveries of sawn softwood and planed products to European customers by 27 % to 814.300 m³. Almost all of the country’s main sales markets contributed to this unusually high growth. According to the foreign-trade figures published by the Swedish Forest Industries Federation (Skogsindustrierna), exports to the UK were 30 % higher than a year earlier at 253,900 m³. Similar rates of growth were recorded for Denmark (+35 % to 98,000 m³), Germany (+24 % to 94,500 m³), and France (+29 % to 36,600 m³). Double-figure growth was also registered in exports to Norway (+16 % to 98,200 m³) and to Belgium (+11 % to 31,600 m³). The exports to Poland, too, also showed well above-average growth of 63 % to 37,600 m³. Deliveries to the other sales regions varied from one to the other. Exports to Africa, for example, slumped by 56 % to 107,000 m³ and those to East Asia also fell 6 % short of last year’s figure at 139,700 m³. In contrast, increases were registered in exports to the Middle East (+19 % to 47,500 m³), and exports to the USA were more than doubled to 108,700 m³.

Sweden’s exports for the nine-month period amount to 10.508m m³, equating to an increase of 10 % against last year.

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