Russia considers export ban on softwood logs

22.01.2019 − At its meeting on 10 December 2018, the Russian State Duma postponed the first reading of the draft law on an eleven-year export ban on softwood logs to January.» more


Sweden: Södra has lowered softwood log prices

18.01.2019 − Swedish Södra has reduced its prices for spruce and pine sawlogs with immediate effect. » more

Männistö new Sales Manager at Ilim Nordic Timber

18.01.2019 − Since the beginning of the month Olli Männistö has been Sales Manager at Ilim Nordic Timber in Wismar. » more

16% decline in beech roundwood exports

17.01.2019 − In the third quarter of 2018 beech roundwood exports to all destinations decreased by 16% to 129,033m³. » more

Canada: Exports fell sharply at the end of the year

15.01.2019 − Following the sharp decline in the first quarter and the increases in the second and third quarters of 2018, Canadian sawn softwood exports to the United States declined significantly in the fourth quarter.» more

Sawnwood production fell short of previous year's figure

15.01.2019 − In the third quarter of 2018, German sawmills produced 2.1% less sawn softwood lumber than in the same period of the previous year.» more

British softwood imports have barely lost ground

14.01.2019 − After the declines in the first and second quarters, British imports of softwood lumber in the third quarter have already almost reached the previous year's level.» more

German planed goods exports 40 % up on previous year

11.01.2019 − In the course of the third quarter, a total of 595,011 m³ of planed timber was exported from Germany, around 40% more than in the same period of the previous year. » more

Russian Sawmill 25 group ordered Valutec dryer for LDK 3

10.01.2019 − At the beginning of December 2018, the northern Russian Sawmill 25 group of Archangelsk placed an order with Swedish Valutec Group for an FB-type two-zone continuous dryer for its LDK 3 Sawmill. » more

Finnish roundwood prices above previous year's level

10.01.2019 − In the case of roundwood prices in Finland, there has been no significant easing of the situation from the point of view of purchasers until the end of December. » more

GP has put sawmill in Talladega into operation

09.01.2019 − The US company Georgia-Pacific (GP) officially opened its new sawmill in Talladega/Alabama on Monday. » more

BSW Timber has once again achieved positive results

08.01.2019 − British BSW Timber Group was able to increase its earnings figures in the 2017/2018 financial year (31 March), following losses in the previous year. » more

Metsä sends first sawn timber block train to China

07.01.2019 − On 18 December, the Metsä Fibre Division of the Finnish Metsä Group used the land route to China for the first time to export sawn timber to China. » more

Beech exports to China 11% below preceding year

05.01.2019 − According to calculations of the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), in the third quarter of 2018 German beech lumber exports to China declined by 11% vis à vis last year to 38,227m³.» more

Czech Republic presents strategy for bark beetle control

04.01.2019 − On 14th December the Czech Ministry of Agriculture presented a package of measures to combat bark beetle calamity. » more

Oak nine times overbid at Lublin auction

04.01.2019 − At the “Lublin Autumn” fine-wood sealed-bid auction heldby the Polish Krasnystaw forest office on 14 November 2018, the available volume was almost the same as at last year’s event at a total of 740 m³. » more

Swedish exports to China down by half in September

21.12.2018 − At -8 % to a total of 1.019m m³, Sweden’s exports of softwood timber and planed products in September turned out to be roughly 8 % lower than in the same month of last year. » more

Fire at Ransby sawmill damaged sorting plant

20.12.2018 − The sawmill Ransby of the Swedish Moelven Notnäs Ransby AB, which belongs to the Norwegian Moelven Industrier, already suffered a fire in the night of 23 November 2018 in the sawn timber sorting area.» more

Russian exports of softwood logs decreased by 14 %

20.12.2018 − Russian exports of coniferous logs fell by 14% to 2.681m m³ in the third quarter compared with the same quarter of the previous year.» more

30% rise expected in 2018 for exports from Belarus

18.12.2018 − For 2018 the Belarusian Ministry of Forestry forecasts a 30% increase in softwood lumber exports to some 3m m³. In 2017 exports had increased by 55% compared to the preceding year.» more

COFFI expects further increase in lumber production

17.12.2018 − For 2018 the UNECE Committee on Forests and the Forest Industry (COFFI) expects a volume of 264.1m m³, representing a 2.1% increase vis à vis 2017 in production of softwood lumber in the UNECE/FAO region.» more

Rayonier modernizes sawmills La Sarre and Béarn

14.12.2018 − The US wood company Rayonier Advanced Materials has recently ordered equipment from US Natural Resources (USNR) for the La Sarre and Béarn sawmills, both in Quebec. » more

Less hardwood timber exported by US shippers

14.12.2018 − After growth in the first and second quarter, exports of US hardwood fell sharply from July to September. » more

Continental Wood Products to become Bergs Timber UK

13.12.2018 − In the course of the integration of the British wholesaler Continental Wood Products into Bergs Timber the company is being renamed Bergs Timber (UK) with effect from 1 January. » more

Finnish softwood lumber exports down by 11%

12.12.2018 − Finnish softwood lumber and planed lumber exports decreased by 11% in the third quarter vis à vis last year’s comparative period to 1.830m m³. » more

Segezha has put container terminals into operation

11.12.2018 − The sawmills Sokol, Onega and LDK 1, which belong to the Russian Segezha Group, commissioned their newly constructed container terminals with railway connections at the end of November. » more

Mercer Timber Products: Downtimes burden results

07.12.2018 − In the third quarter Mercer Timber Products (MTP) increased lumber sales by 13% to 83.8m bdft.» more

Japan imports significantly less sawn timber from Europe

03.12.2018 − With a total of 177,940 m³, Japan imported almost 14 % less coniferous sawn timber from Europe in the course of the third quarter than in the same quarter of the previous year.» more

Sawn softwood exports again above previous year's level

27.11.2018 − After the decline in the first quarter (-1 %) and the increase in the second quarter (+1 %) , German exports of sawn softwood in the third quarter were up 3 % on the previous year at 1.388m m³.» more