Growth in Swedish timber exports to 13.1m m³ in 2017

20.03.2018 − In 2017, Swedish soft-wood-timber and planed-product producers raised their exports slightly by 1% against the year before to around 13.1m m³. » more


Titan Group investing roughly 450m RUB in forest sector

19.03.2018 − Northern Russian Titan Group is planning to invest roughly 450m RUB (roughly equivalent to 6.5m €) in the group’s forest businesses this year. » more

Finnish exports to China up 36% on preceding year

16.03.2018 − In the fourth quarter of 2017 Finnish exports of rough-sawn softwood lumber and planed lumber to China, at 425,607m³, were 36% above the comparative quarter of the preceding year. » more

Two new greenfield sawmills planned in Georgia, USA

14.03.2018 − In the last few days, both US-American Georgia Pacific (GP) and Canadian Canfor have announced the construction of a sawmill in the US state of Georgia. » more

Sawmilling industry’s softwood timber exports up 13%

12.03.2018 − At a total of 1.52m m³, the German sawmilling industry boosted its exports of rough-sawn softwood timber in the fourth quarter of 2017 by 13% above the level of the same period of last year.» more

Belarusian softwood lumber exports up by 52%

09.03.2018 − Belarusian exports of rough-sawn and planed softwood lumber increased by 52% in the fourth quarter of 2017 vis à vis the comparative period the preceding year to 650,531m³. » more

Cedar selects Möhringer to supply machines

07.03.2018 − Croatian Cedar has selected German Möhringer as the general contractor for building a beech saw-mill at the works in Vrbovsko. » more

Estonian lumber exports to Australia increase by 80%

05.03.2018 − Estonian exports of rough-sawn and planed softwood lumber to non-EU countries increased by 28% in the fourth quarter of 2017 vis à vis the comparative quarter of the preceding year to 67,325m³.» more

Belarus decided to extend log export regulation

02.03.2018 − On 25 January, the Council of Ministers of the Belarusian government decided to extend the regulations for exporting Belarusian logs to countries outside the Eurasian Economic Union.» more

Mercer Timber produces 281.3m bdft softwood lumber

01.03.2018 − At the former Klausner sawmill in Friesau, which belongs to Mercer, 281.3m bdft softwood lumber was produced by the newly founded Mercer Timber Products in 2017. » more

Increase of 9% in supply of oak at the auction in Poznan

27.02.2018 − At the 27th sealed-bid auction for oak held on behalf of the Poznan regional forest directorate in Poland, almost the entire, 9%-higher volume of 1,070 m³ of oak logs was sold.» more

US softwood timber imports 3% down in 2017

23.02.2018 − The comparatively slack business activity in softwood timber imports in the USA in the third quarter of 2017, down by 18%, did not continue for the rest of the year. » more

Hilmer Andersson enlarging drying capacity at Åmotfors

22.02.2018 − As part of the enlargement of cutting capacity from 200,000 m³ to approximately 300,000 m³ planned for 2018, Swedish Hilmer Andersson will be increasing its drying capacity as well. » more

Log prices in Sweden still heading upwards at present

20.02.2018 − A high requirement of raw material in the pulp industry and a very busy sawmilling industry have been keeping demand for logs at a high level in Sweden at the beginning of this year.» more

Minor downturn recorded in SCA Wood timber sales

19.02.2018 − A total of 602,000 m³ of softwood timber, roughly 2% less than a year earlier, was dispatched by the “Wood” division of SCA in the fourth quarter of 2017.» more

Russia: Lumber production increases to 25.9m m³

14.02.2018 − In 2017, according to Rosstat, Russian sawmills produced a volume of 25.9m m³ softwood and hardwood lumber, corresponding to a 5.7% increase vis à vis the preceding year. » more

Poland: Lumber production increases by 10%

12.02.2018 − In the fourth quarter of 2017, Polish sawmills produced some 788,000m³ lumber. This represents a 10% increase vis à vis the comparative quarter of the preceding year. » more

Fiskarhedens orders three scanners from Microtec

09.02.2018 − On 10 January Swedish Fiskarhedens Trävaru placed orders with Italian Microtec for the supply of roundwood and lumber scanners. » more

Timber production slowed by felling and logging problems

08.02.2018 − The weather-related problems that have been plaguing timber harvesting, logging, and transportation have meanwhile led to restrictions in the output of the sawmilling industry in southern and central Sweden.» more

Fameg commissions own beech sawmill

07.02.2018 − At the end of November 2017 Polish Fameg commissioned a sawmill for the production of beech lumber and carvings on premises covering approximately 1 ha. » more

North Africa softwood lumber imports down by some 29%

06.02.2018 − In the first nine months of 2017, the volume of softwood lumber imported by the six most important north African countries decreased by 29% to some 3.98m m³. » more

Juodeliai group aiming to boost sales revenue by 21.6%

05.02.2018 − Lithuanian Juodeliai is planning to raise its sales revenue for 2018 by 21.6% above last year’s figure to 45m €. » more

Bergs Timber aiming to take over Norvik companies

02.02.2018 − Swedish Bergs Timber submitted a letter of intent to its largest individual shareholder, Icelandic Norvik, for taking over four facilities of Latvian Norvik Timber Industry (NTI).» more