Canfor acquires majority stake in Swedish Vida

16.11.2018 − Canadian Canfor Corp. intends to acquire a 70 % majority stake in the Swedish Vida group.» more


Czech Republic: Decline in softwood prices intensifies

16.11.2018 − In the third quarter prices in the Czech Republic for all relevant softwood sawlog ranges declined vis à vis the preceding quarter. » more

Softwood-timber imports raised 9 % by USA in Q3

16.11.2018 − At a total of 9.399m m³, the USA imported roughly 9 % more softwood timber in the third quarter of 2018 than in the same period of last year. » more

Further growth in log prices in Sweden in Quarter 3

15.11.2018 − The increase already noticeable in log prices in Sweden in the first and second quarter continued in the third quarter and at a faster rate than in the preceding months. » more

West Fraser takes 300m bdft out of production

14.11.2018 − West Fraser Timber of Canada is permanently switching its sawn timber production at the Fraser Lake and Quesnel sawmills from a three-shift to a two-shift operation. » more

Damaged wood since August 2017 of more than 100m m³

09.11.2018 − The autumn storm "Vaia" led to large-scale windthrows in the forests of northern Italy and southern Austria from 28 to 30 October.» more

Resolute: Wood Products result clearly declines

06.11.2018 − Canadian Resolute Forest Products (RFP) achieved an operating result of Can$ 45m in its Wood Products business in the third quarter, approximately Can$ 19m or just under 30% less than in the year-ago quarter. » more

Lumber production exceeds last year’s figure by 4.2%

05.11.2018 − In Germany production of softwood lumber increased by 4.2% in the second quarter of 2018 vis à vis the comparative quarter of the preceding year to 4.775m m³.» more

Canfor throttles 10% cutting in British Columbia

02.11.2018 − Canfor reduces cutting at its British Columbia sawmills by an average of 10% in the fourth quarter.» more

Germany: BDF anticipating 30m m³ of damaged wood

02.11.2018 − According to the latest estimates by the union of German foresters, a total of approximately 30m m³ of damaged wood has arisen during the course of the last few months.» more

SCA Wood increased EBITDA by 48 %

31.10.2018 − In the third quarter, the volume of timber sold by the "Wood" business unit of the Swedish Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget (SCA) was 9 % down on the previous year at 626,000 m³. » more

Wood Products tripled operating income

29.10.2018 − The operating result of the "Wood Products" business unit within the Swedish Holmen Group tripled to SEK 79m in the third quarter compared with the previous year. » more

Stora Enso: Wood Products increases EBIT by 64 %

26.10.2018 − In the third quarter, the earnings figures of the "Wood Products" business unit of Stora Enso again improved significantly compared to the same quarter of the previous year. » more

San Group builds sawmill and glulam plant in Port Alberni

26.10.2018 − The Canadian San Group plans to invest up to 70 m Can$ in the construction of a sawmill and further processing on a 25 hectare site of Catalyst Paper in Port Alberni. » more

Holmen invests SEK170m in Braviken sawmill

25.10.2018 − The Swedish Holmen Group decided yesterday to invest SEK170m in the expansion of the Braviken sawmill.» more

Swedish exports down 2% year-on-year by the end of July

25.10.2018 − In the first seven months of the current year, Sweden exported a total of 7.538m m³ of sawn softwood and planed timber, some 2% less than in the same period last year. » more

Russia: Production of sawn timber up by 3.2%

23.10.2018 − In Russia, sawn timber production in the first nine months increased by 3.2% year-on-year to around 19.6m m³. » more

Setra can more than triple operating result

22.10.2018 − The Swedish Setra Group more than tripled its operating profit in the third quarter from SEK17m to SEK54m. » more

Canadian sawmills throttle sawn timber production

18.10.2018 − Several Canadian sawmill groups have announced shutdown measures due to the recent weak market conditions and rising log procurement costs. » more

Romsilva: General Director Pahontu has been dismissed

17.10.2018 − At its meeting on 4 October, the Board of Directors of the Romanian National Forestry Administration Romsilva appointed Gheorghe Mihailescu as provisional General Director. » more

ISC expects lower production growth rates in 2019

16.10.2018 − In Europe, sawn softwood production is expected to increase by 0.9% to 126.965m m³ in 2019 compared to the current year. » more

Growth in Finnish forests is 107m m³/year

16.10.2018 − According to current figures from the National Forest Inventory, the Finnish forests are growing at a rate of 107m m³ of timber per year. » more

Levante: Volume and price pressure has intensified

15.10.2018 − An increase in supply have further increased the pressure on softwood timber prices on the North African markets and in the Middle East in recent weeks.» more

India permitting fumigation until year’s end

15.10.2018 − India had already extended exemption permits for fumigation of agricultural and forestry products with methyl bromide in Indian ports of arrival until the end of 2018 at the end of June this year. » more

Ban on felling in some regions extended until mid-2018

12.10.2018 − A number of German regional forest businesses particularly hard hit by storm and beetle-damaged wood have extended their ban on spruce felling partly until the middle of 2019 and to cover all softwood species.» more

Russia: Roundwood felling has increased by 9%

12.10.2018 − In the first half of the year, log felling in Russia increased by 9% year-on-year to 115.4m m³.» more

Russian lumber production set to increase to 69.5m m³

12.10.2018 − According to the strategy paper published by the Russian government, by 2030 Russian lumber production is expected to increase by 63% compared with 2016 to 69.5m m³. » more

PTT lowers forecast for softwood lumber production

11.10.2018 − The Finnish Pellervo Economic Research Institute (PTT) forecasts that Finnish softwood lumber production will increase by 1-2 % in 2018.» more

Sweden: Smaller stocks of industrial and residual timber

10.10.2018 − At the end of June, roundwood stocks of the Swedish timber industry were 9.3 % below the previous year's level , but the figures of the Swedish Forest Agency show opposing trends in terms of product ranges.» more

GTC expands beetle wood contract volumes for China

09.10.2018 − German-Timber-Company (GTC) has expanded the purchase of beetle wood for export, with a focus on China, which began in the course of the summer. » more