Bergs Timber: Restructuring in Sweden and Estonia

28.02.2019 − Swedish Bergs Timber will implement various measures to restructure its activities in Sweden and Estonia this year and invest around SEK 13m.» more


Germany has exported less softwood lumber

25.02.2019 − At 1.347m m³, the German sawmill industry exported 7 % less sawn softwood sawn timber in the fourth quarter than in the same period last year. » more

Mellanskog achieves increase in sales and earnings

21.02.2019 − The Swedish Forest Owners Association Mellanskog generated sales of SEK 3.180bn in 2018, almost 5% more than in the previous year. » more

Bucina DDD’s sawmill in Zvolen up and running

19.02.2019 − The Slovakian timber-industry company Bucina DDD, part of the Kronospan group, has had a sawmill on the works premises in Zvolen again since last year. » more

Stallinger starts cutting on new sawmilling line in April

18.02.2019 − Austrian Stallinger Holding will probably be putting a newly-installed chipping line into operation at its sawmilling facility in Frankenmarkt in week 16. » more

Mercer Timber records declines in fourth quarter

15.02.2019 − Sawn softwood prices were around 11% lower in the fourth quarter, resulting in declines in sales and earnings at Mercer Timber. » more

Södra can almost double its operating result

15.02.2019 − At skr 974m, Swedish Södra almost doubled its operating profit in the fourth quarter compared with the previous year. » more

Handlos planning third works in Austria or Czech Republic

14.02.2019 − Holzindustrie Herbert Handlos is planning to build a third production facility. » more

Finnish lumber production up only slightly

13.02.2019 − With a total of 11.81m m³ in 2018, the Finnish sawmill industry slightly increased its production by 0.9 % compared to the previous year. » more

Balungstrands invests in Valutec channel dryer

12.02.2019 − As part of a replacement investment, the Swedish Balungstrands Sågverk has ordered an FB channel dryer with an annual capacity of up to 40,000 m³ from the Valutec Group.» more

New construction of Croatian sawmill Cedar delayed

11.02.2019 − There are delays in the construction of the new Croatian beech sawmill in Cedar. » more

Ukraine’s ban on exports to be extended to firewood

11.02.2019 − Members of the Ukrainian parliament Werchowna Rada petitioned for an export ban on firewood on 16 January 2019. » more

Sawmill 25 Group has increased production by 21 %

11.02.2019 − In 2018, the North Russian Sawmill 25 Group processed 1.624m m³ of softwood logs into 703,000 m³ of sawn timber at its three locations. » more

Swoods Export starts up sorting plant in March

10.02.2019 − In March, the Belarusian timber industry company Swoods Export will start up a sorting line for kiln dried softwood timber supplied by Hekotek at its Borisov site. » more

Moelven invests 20m nkr in Numedal sawmill

08.02.2019 − During the second half of the year, the Moelven Group will invest around 20m nkr in the modernisation of the spruce sawmill of Moelven Numedal. » more

USA: Sawmill shutdowns push up sawnwood prices

06.02.2019 − The shutdowns implemented or announced by Canadian sawmill groups, as well as rather low stocks held by customers in recent days, have led to a significant higher prices on the US softwood timber market.» more

SCA plans to purchase around 10,000 ha of forest in Latvia

05.02.2019 − Swedish SCA has signed with the Latvian Forest Company a letter of intent, without obligation for both parties, concerning the purchase of approximately 10,000 ha of forest in Latvia.» more

SCA Wood can increase EBITDA margin to 14.5 %

04.02.2019 − The "Wood" division within the Swedish Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget (SCA) benefited in the fourth quarter from higher sales prices than in the previous year and favourable exchange rates. » more

Stora Enso: Wood Products increased EBIT by 66%

01.02.2019 − The "Wood Products" business unit of the Finnish company Stora Enso benefited in the fourth quarter from significantly higher sales prices and a favorable product mix in sales. » more

EBITDA of Moelven Timber increased by 50%

01.02.2019 − The earnings figures for the Timber sawmill division of the Norwegian Moelven Industrier also improved significantly in the fourth quarter compared with the same quarter of the previous year. » more

Finnish exports of sawn timber decreased by 6%

01.02.2019 − In the first eleven months of last year, Finnish sawmills exported a total of 8.160m m³ of sawn softwood and planed timber, 6.3% less than in the same period last year. » more

Schug has moved from Ikea Industry to Pfeifer Group

31.01.2019 − Nikolaus Schug, most recently Managing Director of Ikea Industry France in Lure, joined Pfeifer Holz Lauterbach GmbH as plant manager on 1 January. » more

Softwood log prices in Sweden up on previous year

30.01.2019 − The increase in the price of softwood trunks, which was already apparent in the three previous quarters, continued in Sweden until the end of 2018. » more

Poland: Production of sawn softwood increased by 5%

30.01.2019 − Last year, the Polish sawmill industry produced 2.935m m³ of sawn softwood, exceeding the previous year's figure by 5%. » more

WCLIB merges with Pacific Lumber Inspection Bureau

29.01.2019 − The US Pacific Lumber Inspection Bureau (PLIB) and West Coast Lumber Inspection Bureau (WCLIB) have combined their service and certification activities effective January 1. » more

MS Maschinenbau supplies plants for Paraguay plant

28.01.2019 − At the end of February MS Maschinenbau will start shipping equipment for the sawmill planned by Miller Forest Investment in Paraguay. » more

Russian sawn timber production increased by 3.6%

28.01.2019 − According to Rosstat, Russian sawmills produced 26.0m m³ of sawn timber in 2018, an increase of 3.6 % compared to the previous year. » more

Setra Group slipped into the red in the fourth quarter

24.01.2019 − Following in part significant increases in the first three quarters of the 2018 financial year, the Swedish Setra Group reported a decline in operating profit and a slight net loss for the fourth quarter.» more

Versowood increased sales and earnings

23.01.2019 − In fiscal 2017/2018 (June 30), the Finnish sawmill and glulam company Versowood generated consolidated sales of € 378.6m, around 7.3% more than in the previous fiscal year.» more

Möhringer supplies cutting line to Spacva

22.01.2019 − The Croatian wood industry company Spacva has commissioned Simon Möhringer with the construction and installation of an automatic cutting line. » more