Vida investing 14m SEK in Urshult sawmill

26.09.2019 − Vida is investing 14m SEK in modernising its Urshult sawmill.» more


27 % more roundwood felled by Russian Titan Group

23.09.2019 − The forest enterprises of the northern Russian Titan Group felled 663,500 m³ of roundwood in the second quarter; this equates to an increase of 27 % against the same quarter of last year.» more

Georgia-Pacific Expands Sawmill and Plywood Plant

19.09.2019 − The US-American Georgia-Pacific will make investments of US$ 70m at its Gurdon/Arkansas site. » more

Bergs aiming for sharp increase in Mörlunda’s output

19.09.2019 − Swedish Bergs Timber is aiming to increase the annual output of its main works in Mörlunda from the present 130,000 m³ to 300,000 m³ of sawn softwood in future. » more

Machinery assembly to be resumed at Cedar

13.09.2019 − The assembly of sawmill machinery at Croatian sawmill Cedar , which had been temporarily interrupted, is to resume in coming weeks.» more

Roundwood stocks in Sweden up 36% on last year’s level

11.09.2019 − By mid-2019 the Swedish woodworking industry’s roundwood and residual wood stocks reached the highest level for 15 years. » more

Bergs Timber’s EBITDA margin down to 3.7 % in quarter 2

09.09.2019 − During the course of the second quarter, the results of the “Sawmills” division of Bergs Timber were impaired by regressive sawn softwood prices and roundwood procurement costs at a high level.» more

Block train with sawn timber from Belarus to Dongguan

02.09.2019 − Dongguan Sinotrans Logistics, a member of the Chinese logistics group Sinotrans, has for the first time operated a block train loaded with sawn timber from Belarus to Dongguan/Guangdong province.» more

Canfor cuts production by a further bdft 75m

30.08.2019 − Canadian Canfor will reduce coniferous timber production at its five sawmills in Houston, Polar, Prince George, Plateau and Fort St. John from early September.» more

Finland: Sawn softwood output down by 3.7 %

30.08.2019 − Finland’s output of sawn softwood fell by 3.7 % in the second quarter of 2019 to 3.120m m³.» more

EU: Import regulations for North American hardwood

28.08.2019 − On the basis of the EC Directive 2019/523/EC of 21 March 2019, the European Union (EU) has broadened the scope of the import regulations for plant products requiring certification and testing. » more

Barely any signs of an uplift in demand in North Africa

28.08.2019 − There has been no revival in business activity in the sawn softwood markets of North Africa and the Middle East even over the summer months.» more

Finland; Sawlog prices fell again slightly in June

28.08.2019 − After the reduction at the outset of the year and a temporary period of stabilisation in April/May, sawlog prices fell again slightly in Finland.» more

Interfor CEO Davies to step down at the end of the year

27.08.2019 − The CEO and President of Interfor Duncan Davies, Canada, will step down effective December 31. » more

Stålnacke becomes new HR manager at Sveaskog

26.08.2019 − Marie Stålnacke becomes the new head of human resources at the Swedish forestry group Sveaskog.» more

Pölkky invests €10m in new planing mill construction

21.08.2019 − Finish sawmill group Pölkky announced that it intended to construct a new planing mill in Taivalkoski for a total of approximately €10m.» more

Mebor supplies band saw lines for oak sawmills

20.08.2019 − Slovenian mechanical engineering company Mebor has supplied two oak sawmills in Germany with band saw lines.» more

Universal Forest Products: New organisational structure

20.08.2019 − In future US Universal Forest Products will operate under the name of UFP Industries Inc. (UFPI) and will also have a new organisational structure.» more

Great Pacific Capital to acquire all shares in Canfor

19.08.2019 − On 10 August 2019 Canfor Corp. received an unsolicited non-binding offer from Great Pacific Capital.» more

Binderholz replaces chipping line at Oberrot Klenk location

15.08.2019 − Over the course of the 2019/2020 winter months one of three existing chipping lines is to be replaced at the sawmill of Klenk, which belongs to the Binderholz Group. » more

Mercer: wood products just into negative zone

14.08.2019 − Despite a 24% decrease in roundwood procurement costs, in the second quarter operating profit of the wood products business division of Mercer International was slightly negative at -US$0.089m.» more

Canfor warns against Great Pacific takeover bid

13.08.2019 − On August 10, Canfor unsolicited received a non-binding offer from Great Pacific Capital, a member of the Jim Pattison Group, to acquire all outstanding common shares. » more

2.7 % reduction in Canada’s exports to USA

12.08.2019 − Canadian sawmilling companies exported a total of 3.685bn bdft of sawn softwood to the USA in the second quarter. This equates to a reduction of 2.7 % against the same quarter of last year.» more

LDK 3: Valutec kiln starts pilot operation

12.08.2019 − In the north Russian sawmill LDK 3 the pilot run of the 2-zone FB continuous kiln supplied by Valutec Group has recently commenced. » more

Canfor records losses for 3rd consecutive quarter

09.08.2019 − For the three-month period from April to June 2019, at -Can$49.7m, Canfor recorded an operating loss for the third consecutive quarter. » more

Poorer sawnwood grades more difficult to sell

08.08.2019 − After a largely positive market in 2018 the German sawmilling and wood industry federation (DeSH) is working from the assumption of a noticeably more difficult business year for sawnwood producers in 2019.» more

Revenues from high-quality oak reduced 2018/2019

08.08.2019 − At a total of 83,628 m³, an increase of almost 14 % was achieved in the available supply in the 2018/2019 high-quality wood season concluded by the middle of April.» more

German softwood log exports up 74 % in first quarter

07.08.2019 − The surplus supply of softwood logs from clearance storm and drought damage as well as bark-beetle infestation left clear marks on Germany’s foreign trade figures in the first quarter.» more

SCA: EBITDA of wood division down by 18%

07.08.2019 − Following some significant increases in the first quarter, the wood business division of SCA has recorded a decline in the EBITDA as well as operating profit for the second quarter.» more

Kedah State FMU: no MTCC certificate since May

02.08.2019 − The 334,983 ha Kedah State Forest Management Unit (FMU) in Malaysia has no longer been certified compliant with the Malaysian Timber Certification Council (MTCC) since 31 May.» more