Norway: further decline in spruce prices recently

13.01.2020 − In September, at an average of NOK509/m³, Norwegian prices for spruce sawlogs were 3% below the preceding year’s figure. » more


Gelo and Bullinger to construct sawmill in Wunsiedel

10.01.2020 − Construction of a small-diameter sawmill in Wunsiedel, as announced by Gelo Holzwerke at the start of November, is to be built in collaboration with Bullinger as a partner. » more

North America: lumber production decreased by 5%

09.01.2020 − Following declines of 4% and 6% in the first and second quarters, in the third quarter North American lumber production declined by 5% vis à vis 2018 to a total of 34.662m m³.» more

Russia records 6% rise in exports of softwood lumber

08.01.2020 − In the third quarter Russian exports of softwood lumber increased by 6% vis à vis last year's comparative quarter to 8.330m m³. » more

Rettenmeier to enlarge cutting capacity in Wilburgstetten

07.01.2020 − By installing a second chipper-canter line, Rettenmeier is more than trebling the technical annual cutting capacity of the sawmill in Wilburgstetten by the beginning of 2021 to 1.7m m³ in future.» more

Chinese lumber imports grew by only 6% in September

19.12.2019 − In the third quarter Chinese imports of rough-sawn and planed softwood lumber increased by 12% vis à vis last year‘s comparative quarter to 7,494m m³.» more

Canfor withdrawing another 58m bdft from market

17.12.2019 − Canfor will be shutting down its sawmills in British Columbia for two weeks between Christmas and the beginning of January. » more

Segezha’s sawnwood sales slump by 26 %

16.12.2019 − The “Wood Processing” division within the Russian Segezha Group of Segezha sold 218,000 m³ of sawn softwood in the third quarter; compared with last year, this equates to a reduction of 25.9 %.» more

68.6m m³ of damaged wood anticipated in Germany

13.12.2019 − As at September, the estimates from 15 German states on this year’s incidence of damaged wood and the still anticipated volumes of wood amount to 68.586m m³ across the whole range of tree species.» more

Sawn softwood exports fail to match last year’s level

12.12.2019 − After growth in the first (+11 %) and second quarters (+7 %), Germany’s exports of rough-sawn softwood in the third quarter turned out to be lower than in the third quarter of 2018.» more

Chile: acceleration in radiata pine export decline

09.12.2019 − In the third quarter Chilean exports of rough-sawn radiata pine lumber decreased by 9% vis à vis last year to 655,956m³. » more

Conifex concludes sale of Fort St. James

06.12.2019 − At the beginning of November Conifex Timber concluded the sale of its Fort St. James sawmill, including logging licenses, to Hampton Lumber. » more

Belarusian lumber exports increase by one fifth

05.12.2019 − In the third quarter Belarusian exports of softwood lumber increased by one fifth vis à vis last year’s comparative period to 1.017m m³. » more

Sawmills in Germany's south offer add-on for spruce

04.12.2019 − There have been significant movements in prices for green spruce sawlogs in southern Germany in the last few weeks. » more

BSW sawmill project in Slovenia delayed

02.12.2019 − The sawmill that British BSW Timber is planning to build in Gomilsko, Slovenia, is still going through the approval procedures. » more

Mebor delivers plant and machinery for Krstako sawmill

29.11.2019 − Slovenian Mebor completed the deliveries of machines for the Krstako sawmill in Valjevo, Serbia, during the course of summer. » more

USA softwood lumber imports down 10% on last year

28.11.2019 − At a total of 8.417m m³, over the third quarter the USA imported approximately 10% less softwood lumber than in the comparative period of last year.» more

Ikea sawmill Chociwel to be shut down in June 2020

25.11.2019 − Ikea Industry Poland will close the sawmill site in Chociwel/Westpomerania in June 2020. » more

Sawnwood output stable at level of same period of 2018

22.11.2019 − Baltic sawmills’ output of sawnwood in the first nine months remained largely stable at the level of the same period of last year. » more

SCA Wood’s operating result for Q3 reduced by half

22.11.2019 − At 111m SEK, the operating result of the “Wood” division of Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget (SCA) in the third quarter was half the figure for last year. » more

Reduced rate of decline in US sawn hardwood exports

21.11.2019 − US exports of sawn hardwood in the third quarter fell less sharply than in the two preceding quarters of this year. » more

Bergs Timber’s EBITDA slumps by two thirds

21.11.2019 − At 28m SEK, EBITDA of Bergs Timber for the third quarter turned out to be roughly two thirds lower than a year earlier.» more

Georgia Pacific’s Warrenton sawmill officially opened

20.11.2019 − Georgia Pacific (GP) officially opened its new sawmill in Warrenton on 6 November.» more

Moelven Eidsvold Værk to close at start of 2020

14.11.2019 − Norwegian sawmill and industrial planing mill Moelven Eidsvold Værk is to shut down in the first quarter of 2020. » more

Södra’s operating result more than halved in Q3

12.11.2019 − At 512m SEK, the operating result of Swedish Södra in the third quarter was less than half the figure for last year.» more

Great Pacific can take over Canfor in full

11.11.2019 − The special committee set up by Canfor has advocated a full takeover of the group by the Jim Pattison Group company Great Pacific Capital. » more

Canfor continued to make a loss in third quarter

08.11.2019 − At -124.0m CAD, the operating result of Canfor remained in the red in the third quarter.» more

Roundwood prices still heading downhill in Sweden

07.11.2019 − The high supply of beetle-damaged wood and the general pressure exerted on prices and from volumes on the markets for sawnwood and pulp put roundwood prices under pressure in Sweden, too, in the third quarter.» more

Poland: slight increase in lumber production

06.11.2019 − In September softwood lumber production by Polish sawmills increased by 2% vis à vis the comparative month of last year to 237,000m³.» more

Metsä Wood opens in the UK second terminal

28.10.2019 − The business unit "Metsä Wood" within the Finnish Metsä Group opens a new lumber terminal in Ipswich/Suffolk, southeast England, on 1 November. » more