Ban on felling in some regions extended until mid-2018

12.10.2018 − A number of German regional forest businesses particularly hard hit by storm and beetle-damaged wood have extended their ban on spruce felling partly until the middle of 2019 and to cover all softwood species.» more


Russia: Roundwood felling has increased by 9%

12.10.2018 − In the first half of the year, log felling in Russia increased by 9% year-on-year to 115.4m m³.» more

Russian lumber production set to increase to 69.5m m³

12.10.2018 − According to the strategy paper published by the Russian government, by 2030 Russian lumber production is expected to increase by 63% compared with 2016 to 69.5m m³. » more

PTT lowers forecast for softwood lumber production

11.10.2018 − The Finnish Pellervo Economic Research Institute (PTT) forecasts that Finnish softwood lumber production will increase by 1-2 % in 2018.» more

Sweden: Smaller stocks of industrial and residual timber

10.10.2018 − At the end of June, roundwood stocks of the Swedish timber industry were 9.3 % below the previous year's level , but the figures of the Swedish Forest Agency show opposing trends in terms of product ranges.» more

GTC expands beetle wood contract volumes for China

09.10.2018 − German-Timber-Company (GTC) has expanded the purchase of beetle wood for export, with a focus on China, which began in the course of the summer. » more

Gydingsgård appointed new CFO of Setra Group

08.10.2018 − With effect from 9 October, Johanna Gydingsgård will take over the position of CFO at the Swedish Setra Group. » more

Russia’s softwood-log exports decreased by 10 % in Q2

08.10.2018 − Russia exported 2.670m m³ of softwood logs worth 225.0m US$ in the second quarter of this year. Both the export volume and value were 10 % lower than in the same period of last year. » more

Polish Forestry Administration reduces sales planning

05.10.2018 − The Polish State Forestry Administration intends to market a total of 40.432m m³ of roundwood in 2019, a decrease of 6% compared to the sales plan for the current year. » more

Sveaskog increases prices for pulpwood and fuelwood

04.10.2018 − Following the Mellanskog Forest Owners Association, Swedish Sveaskog has now also raised its industrial wood and fuelwood prices. » more

RFP Group to commission new sawmill in 2025

03.10.2018 − The Russian RFP Group plans to commission its new sawmill and pellet mill in Tommot/Jakutia in 2025. » more

Softwood-timber output 3 % higher in North America

27.09.2018 − A total of 38.78m m³ of softwood timber was produced in North America in the second quarter. » more

Beech roundwood exports to China reach peak level

24.09.2018 − Following the significant 18% increase in beech roundwood exports to China to a volume of 155,325 m³ in the first quarter of 2018, export growth in the second quarter continued at a rate of 24% to 155,129 m³.» more

LDK 1 planning shipment via Arctic Sea

21.09.2018 − From next year, the Siberian sawmill LDK 1 of Lesosibirsk intends to ship softwood timber via the North Sea to customers in places such as Egypt again.» more

Germany: Average level of beech lumber exports to China

21.09.2018 − The export figures for beech lumber compiled by the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) record a significant decline in exports to China in the second quarter vis à vis the preceding year to 43,707 m³.» more

Russian sawnwood exports to China have risen by 7%

18.09.2018 − In the second quarter, Russian exports of sawn softwood to China increased by 7% year-on-year to 4.900m m³. » more

USA: Prices for coniferous sawn timber have fallen further

17.09.2018 − In the US softwood lumber market, the price of the benchmark range SPF 2x4 #2&Btr ex mill fell by 15.8% to US$442/1,000 bdft by mid-September compared with the end of July. » more

Södra sawmill Mönsterås switches to three-shift operation

14.09.2018 − The Mönsterås sawmill, which belongs to the "Södra Wood" business unit of Swedish Södra Group, will be switched from two- to three-shift operation on 1 March 2019. » more

Czech Republic expects up to 20m m³ of beetle wood

13.09.2018 − It is estimated that 15-20m m³ of beetle wood will be harvested in Czech forests this year. » more

Croatia: Ministry permits transport of oak lumber

12.09.2018 − The Croatian Ministry of Agriculture Ministarstvo Poljoprivrede has relaxed the two-year ban on the transport of oak logs and fresh oak lumber that was adopted on 1 June 2017. » more

Latvian exports of sawn softwood give way slightly

07.09.2018 − In the second quarter, 762,900 m³ of sawn and planed softwood lumber were exported from Latvia; this corresponds to a minus of 2 % compared to the same period of the previous year. » more

Canfor makes the same amount of lumber as last year

07.09.2018 − Canadian Canfor made nearly the same amount of lumber as it had last year in the second quarter with total output of 1.315 bn bdft. » more

Vojácek was appointed general director of Lesy CR

07.09.2018 − On 3 September Josef Vojácek was appointed by the Czech Minister of Agriculture Miroslav Toman as the new general director of the state forest enterprise Lesy Ceské republiky (Lesy CR).» more

Poland: 6m m³ storm-damaged wood has been cleared

06.09.2018 − By the end of July some 6m m³ storm-damaged wood - accumulated during thunderstorms in August 2017 - had been cleared. » more

USA: Consultations on additional duties concluded

05.09.2018 − The US Trade Representative's Office (USTR) concluded its hearing on 27 August on the imposition of additional duties on imports from China. » more

Belarus: 6% increase in sales of standing timber

03.09.2018 − At its cabinet meeting on 23 August, the Belarusian government set the volume of stumpage sales that will not be sold on the Belarusian commodity exchange at 10.855m m³ for 2019, an increase of 6%.» more

Finnish exports of sawn softwood to China have halved

03.09.2018 − Finnish exports of sawn softwood and planed timber to China halved to 253,524 m³ in the second quarter compared to the same period last year.» more

British Columbia: Forest fires on 12,985 km² area

03.09.2018 − The government of the Canadian province of British Columbia has extended the state of emergency, initially declared for two weeks in mid-August, until 12 September due to the ongoing forest fires.» more

Stora Enso expands sawmill and planing mill Launkalne

31.08.2018 − Finnish Stora Enso intends to invest a total of around €13m in the expansion and modernisation of the sawmill and planing mill at its Latvian site in Launkalne.» more

Moelven Timber's result improves significantly

30.08.2018 − The sawmill division "Timber" within the Norwegian Moelven Group achieved significant earnings improvements in the second quarter compared to the same period last year. » more