Bark beetle damaged 5.5m m³ in the Czech Republic

16.07.2018 − Following an increase in the volume of Bark beetle damaged wood from about 2.0m m³ in 2016 to about 5.5m m³ in 2017, the Czech Republic is now threatened with the heaviest bark beetle calamity in history.» more


Conifex has completed sawmill takeover

13.07.2018 − Canadian timbere producer Conifex completed the acquisition of Suwannee Lumber Co. and Caddo River Forest Products LLC on July 9.» more

Setra Group increases operating result by 147 %

12.07.2018 − Following an increase of 179% in the first quarter, the Swedish Setra Group again posted a three-digit percentage increase in operating profit for the second quarter.» more

High risk of forest fire slows down logging in Sweden

10.07.2018 − The risk of forest fires, which has been high for weeks now, has led to a complete stop of logging in parts of Sweden.» more

Bergs Timber reports sales and earnings increases

09.07.2018 − The Swedish company Bergs Timber achieved significant increases in sales and earnings in the third quarter of fiscal 2017/2018.» more

German sawn softwood production increases by 2.8 %

06.07.2018 − During the first quarter of 2018, German sawmills produced a total of 4.412 million m³ of sawn coniferous lumber, around 2.8 % more than in the same period of the previous year.» more

Iisveden orders sorting plant from Heinola and Hekotek

06.07.2018 − The Finnish sawmill company Iisveden Metsä has ordered a lumber sorting plant from Heinola Sawmill Machinery and its Estonian sister company Hekotek.» more

Renholmen wins SEK 200 million contract from Setra

03.07.2018 − The Swedish Setra Group has awarded contracts for machinery and equipment worth Skr 200 million to plant manufacturer Renholmen.» more

Liljegren moves from Södra Wood to Bergs Timber

02.07.2018 − Following the takeover of a large part of the Latvian Norvik Timber Industry (NTI) by the Swedish company Bergs Timber at the end of April, Sampsa Auvinen, CEO of NTI since 2009, will leave the company.» more

Valutec Group enters North American market

29.06.2018 − With the delivery of two TC channel dryers to the US sawmill company Pleasant River Lumber, the Swedish Valutec Group concluded its first order with a North American customer a few days ago.» more

Slovak forestry administration to reduce exports by 19%

27.06.2018 − The Slovak State Forestry Administration Lesy SR plans to reduce roundwood exports by 19.3% to 80,000 m³ in the current year compared to the previous year. » more

EOS: Softwood consumption 2017 higher than expected

26.06.2018 − The consumption figures for sawn softwood determined by EOS for 2017 were revised upwards by around 1.3m m³ to 67.486m m³ compared to the original forecast of around 66.17m m³.» more

Marked price break on the US softwood market

26.06.2018 − In the current month of June, prices for SPF sawn softwood in the US market have so far fallen by around 11% or around US$73/1,000 bdft. » more

China has imported 64% more sawn softwood from Europe

25.06.2018 − With a total of 3.088 m m³, China imported 64% more softwood from Europe last year than in the previous year. » more

EOS expects sawn softwood production to increase

21.06.2018 − The European Organisation of the Sawmill Industry (EOS) expects sawn softwood production in the 13 member countries to increase by 1.3 % to around 85.5m m³ in the current year.» more

ESSVP has acquired a majority stake in HIT

21.06.2018 − Effective June 18, European Special Situations Venture Partners IV (ESSVP IV) acquired a majority stake in Holzindustrie Torgau GmbH & Co. KG (HIT).» more

Demand for sawn softwood remains satisfactory

19.06.2018 − The sawn softwood production of most European sawmills are currently at a high level due to the increased demand for structural timber in Europe and continuing brisk demand in the USA and China.» more

German softwood log imports slightly higher than last year

18.06.2018 − With a total of 1.106 million m³, German softwood log imports in the first three months were 1% higher than in the previous year.» more

Binderholz doubles capacity at Baruth sawmill

18.06.2018 − The Austrian company Binderholz wants to considerably expand the cutting, sorting and drying capacities at the Baruth site in Brandenburg by 2020.» more

Hardly any growth in Russian exports to China in Q1

18.06.2018 − Russia’s softwood-timber exports to China in the first quarter were only slightly higher than a year earlier at 3.519m m³. » more

Heinola delivers two HFB dryers to Polish Ikea plant

15.06.2018 − Ikea Industry Poland recently ordered two two-zone HFB continuous dryers from Finnish Heinola Sawmill Machinery for the Stalowa Wola sawmill site. » more

Hasslacher wants to expand Malaya Vishera site

14.06.2018 − Austrian Hasslacher Group wants to expand the plant of its Russian subsidiary Hasslacher Les in Malaya Vishera by a glulam plant and significantly increase the capacity of the sawmill there. » more

Mercer Timber investing another €37.5m in Friesau

14.06.2018 − The production capacity of the sawmill of Mercer Timber Products GmbH (MTP) is to be raised by 200m bdft by means of an expansion investment project to 750m bdft per year at full-load operation in future. » more

Metsä Fiber sells sawmill Eskola to Ha-Sa

14.06.2018 − The Metsä Fiber division of the Finnish Metsä Group will sell the Eskola sawmill to the Finnish sawmill company Ha-Sa.» more

Belarusian exports clearly increased by 78%

13.06.2018 − In the first quarter exports of Belarusian softwood lumber increased by 78% to 802,426m³ vis à vis the comparative quarter last year. » more

Experts to develop long-term plan in Bialowieza forest

11.06.2018 − Polish environment minister Henryk Kowalczyk has appointed an expert team which is to develop a long-term plan for the Puszcza Bialowieska forestry area in east Poland. » more

Derome takes over another sawmilling company

08.06.2018 − By taking over Maa Såg, the Swedish Derome group now operates five sawmills in its “Timber” division. » more

Decline in German softwood lumber exports

06.06.2018 − At a total of some 1.351m m³, the volume of rough-sawn softwood lumber exported by the German sawmill industry in the first three months declined by 5% vis à vis the preceding year. » more

British softwood lumber imports fall to below 1.5m m³

04.06.2018 − British imports of rough-sawn and planed softwood lumber decreased by 10% in the first quarter vis à vis the comparative quarter of the preceding year to 1.486m m³.» more

China implements provisions on imports of US logs

01.06.2018 − Roundwood deliveries from the USA to China have been seriously disrupted over recent weeks following increasing controls of roundwood imports from the USA by Chinese customs authorities.» more