Germany: Average level of beech lumber exports to China

21.09.2018 − The export figures for beech lumber compiled by the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) record a significant decline in exports to China in the second quarter vis à vis the preceding year to 43,707 m³.» more


Russian sawnwood exports to China have risen by 7%

18.09.2018 − In the second quarter, Russian exports of sawn softwood to China increased by 7% year-on-year to 4.900m m³. » more

USA: Prices for coniferous sawn timber have fallen further

17.09.2018 − In the US softwood lumber market, the price of the benchmark range SPF 2x4 #2&Btr ex mill fell by 15.8% to US$442/1,000 bdft by mid-September compared with the end of July. » more

Södra sawmill Mönsterås switches to three-shift operation

14.09.2018 − The Mönsterås sawmill, which belongs to the "Södra Wood" business unit of Swedish Södra Group, will be switched from two- to three-shift operation on 1 March 2019. » more

Czech Republic expects up to 20m m³ of beetle wood

13.09.2018 − It is estimated that 15-20m m³ of beetle wood will be harvested in Czech forests this year. » more

Croatia: Ministry permits transport of oak lumber

12.09.2018 − The Croatian Ministry of Agriculture Ministarstvo Poljoprivrede has relaxed the two-year ban on the transport of oak logs and fresh oak lumber that was adopted on 1 June 2017. » more

Latvian exports of sawn softwood give way slightly

07.09.2018 − In the second quarter, 762,900 m³ of sawn and planed softwood lumber were exported from Latvia; this corresponds to a minus of 2 % compared to the same period of the previous year. » more

Canfor makes the same amount of lumber as last year

07.09.2018 − Canadian Canfor made nearly the same amount of lumber as it had last year in the second quarter with total output of 1.315 bn bdft. » more

Vojácek was appointed general director of Lesy CR

07.09.2018 − On 3 September Josef Vojácek was appointed by the Czech Minister of Agriculture Miroslav Toman as the new general director of the state forest enterprise Lesy Ceské republiky (Lesy CR).» more

Poland: 6m m³ storm-damaged wood has been cleared

06.09.2018 − By the end of July some 6m m³ storm-damaged wood - accumulated during thunderstorms in August 2017 - had been cleared. » more

USA: Consultations on additional duties concluded

05.09.2018 − The US Trade Representative's Office (USTR) concluded its hearing on 27 August on the imposition of additional duties on imports from China. » more

Belarus: 6% increase in sales of standing timber

03.09.2018 − At its cabinet meeting on 23 August, the Belarusian government set the volume of stumpage sales that will not be sold on the Belarusian commodity exchange at 10.855m m³ for 2019, an increase of 6%.» more

Finnish exports of sawn softwood to China have halved

03.09.2018 − Finnish exports of sawn softwood and planed timber to China halved to 253,524 m³ in the second quarter compared to the same period last year.» more

British Columbia: Forest fires on 12,985 km² area

03.09.2018 − The government of the Canadian province of British Columbia has extended the state of emergency, initially declared for two weeks in mid-August, until 12 September due to the ongoing forest fires.» more

Stora Enso expands sawmill and planing mill Launkalne

31.08.2018 − Finnish Stora Enso intends to invest a total of around €13m in the expansion and modernisation of the sawmill and planing mill at its Latvian site in Launkalne.» more

Moelven Timber's result improves significantly

30.08.2018 − The sawmill division "Timber" within the Norwegian Moelven Group achieved significant earnings improvements in the second quarter compared to the same period last year. » more

Belarusian exports increased by 51 % year-on-year

21.08.2018 − Belarusian exports of sawn softwood increased by 51 % to 858,574 m³ in the second quarter. » more

Turnaround in Chilean lumber export development

21.08.2018 − In the second quarter, Chile exported 656,988m³ radiata pine lumber at a value of €154.3m. In terms of volume and value this corresponds to an increase of 12% and 25% respectively.» more

German sawnwood exports below previous year's level

20.08.2018 − German exports of rough sawn softwood in the second quarter were also down on the figure for the same quarter of the previous year. » more

Belarus has produced 19% more sawn timber

20.08.2018 − In Belarus, sawn timber production increased by 19% to 3.274m m³ in 2017 compared to the previous year. » more

Vida more than doubles EBIT in the first half of the year

17.08.2018 − Higher production and sales figures as well as higher sales prices on the sawn timber markets and favorable exchange rates resulted in increased sales and earnings at Swedish Vida group in the first half.» more

Results of Holmen Wood Products quadruple

16.08.2018 − The operating result of the Wood Products business unit within the Swedish Holmen Group almost quadrupled to SEK77m in the second quarter compared with the same period last year. » more

Interfor: Investment of US$240m in three sawmills

16.08.2018 − From 2019 to 2021 Canadian Interfor is to invest a total of some US$240m in the modernisation of three sawmills in the south of the USA. » more

In the second quarter, logging in Finland grew by 27%

15.08.2018 − After a decline of around 1.6% in the first quarter, logging in Finland in the second quarter was 26.9% higher than in the same quarter of the previous year at a total of 14.831m m³. » more

Groupe Lebel acquires the sawn timber division of Maibec

14.08.2018 − Through its subsidiary Bois Daaquam, the Canadian Groupe Lebel takes over the lumber division of Maibec, which consists of two sawmills. » more

Mercer Timber has significantly increased production

14.08.2018 − With a total of 112.0m bdft, Mercer Timber Products (MTP) increased sawn timber production in the second quarter by around 66% year-on-year. » more

Norway: Record prices for spruce sawlogs

13.08.2018 − In Norway, the increase in the price of spruce sawlogs observed since mid-2016 continued in the second quarter of the current year. » more

Kraslesinvest modernizes roundwood sorting system

13.08.2018 − For the current year, the company plans to increase the cutting by around one third compared to the previous year.» more

Peak of roundwood logging reduction exceeded

10.08.2018 − In Sweden, it is assumed that the peak of the reduction in logging caused by the risk of forest fires has been exceeded. » more

Infrastructure agreement signed for Slovenian BSW plant

09.08.2018 − On 26 July, representatives of the Slovenian Ministry of Infrastructure and of the Municipality signed an agreement to build a direct road connection for the sawmill planned by BSW Timber at Gomilsko.» more