Russia decides on roundwood export ban

19.04.2021 − With the adoption of decree no. 396 on 18 March, the Russian government has confirmed an export ban concerning softwood logs and hardwood sawlogs to come into effect from 1 January 2022. » more


No roundwood imports possible from North America

16.04.2021 − Oak roundwood imports to the European Union (EU) from North America came to a standstill in the first quarter.» more

Chilean softwood lumber exports increase by 3%

15.04.2021 − In the fourth quarter, Chilean exports of rough-sawn radiata pine lumber increased by 3% vis à vis the preceding year to a volume of 592,853m³. » more

Prices for sawnwood still rising in United Kingdom

14.04.2021 − At the end of March, domestic demand for homegrown timber made in the UK and for imported sawn softwood continued to exceed the available supply. » more

Russia exports less softwood logs to China

13.04.2021 − In the fourth quarter, Russian softwood log exports to China declined by 21% vis à vis the comparative quarter the preceding year to 1.347m m³. » more

China: softwood log imports increased by 37%

12.04.2021 − In the first two months, China imported more than 7.5m m³ softwood logs, almost 2m m³ - or 37% - more than in the preceding year, according to the Chinese statistics authority China Customs Statistics. » more

British A & J Scott completes impregnating plant

09.04.2021 − A & J Scott recently finished building its fourth impregnating plant at its Wooperton facility.» more

Westervelt sawmill up and running in Thomasville

06.04.2021 − A few weeks ago, The Westervelt Company commenced cutting at the new 250m-bdft sawmill built at North Clarke Industrial Park near Thomasville, Alabama. » more

James Jones & Sons takes over GT Timber

01.04.2021 − James Jones & Sons completed its acquisition of the sawmilling company GT Timber on 1 March. » more

Ilim Timber orders second sawing line for Ust-Ilimsk

29.03.2021 − The Ilim Timber group recently placed an order with AriVislanda for a chipper line for the Ust-Ilimsk sawmill. » more

China maintains import ban on roundwood from Australia

29.03.2021 − The ban on imports of roundwood from Australia imposed by Chinese phytosanitary authorities in autumn 2020 remains in place. » more

US sawmill industry’s share increased to 61 %

26.03.2021 − The North American sawmilling industry produced a total of 35.967m m³ of sawn softwood in the fourth quarter, exceeding the previous year’s figure by 7 %. » more

Improvement in beech lumber exports to China

24.03.2021 − In the fourth quarter, exports of beech lumber from German hardwood lumber sawmills and timber trading companies to China rose significantly. » more

Finnish exports to Europe increase by 31%

22.03.2021 − In the fourth quarter, Finnish exports of rough-sawn and planed softwood lumber to European countries rose by 31% vis à vis the comparative quarter of the preceding year to 1.017m m³.» more

Bergs Timber to invest around SEK500m by 2024

18.03.2021 − Bergs Timber set new strategic and financial targets for the remaining activities in Sweden, Great Britain and the Baltic states on 5 March.» more

Belarus exports 6% lower volume of softwood lumber

15.03.2021 − In the fourth quarter Belarusian softwood lumber exports decreased by 6% vis à vis the comparative quarter of the preceding year to a volume of 650,139m³. » more

Growth in sawnwood imports due to heavy demand

12.03.2021 − The increasingly evident bottlenecks in the supply of sawn softwood on the German market was reflected in a sharp rise in imports of rough-sawn products in the fourth quarter.» more

Europe compensates for Sweden’s slack Asia exports

11.03.2021 − Swedish shippers were able to compensate for the regressive sawn-softwood and planed-product exports to Asia and the MENA region in December by considerable higher exports to Europe and the USA.» more

Shortages of sawn softwood more pronounced in Germany

10.03.2021 − The mismatch that had already become evident on the German sawn-softwood markets in the preceding months had become more pronounced and had also spread to almost all ranges of assortments.» more

Springer receives order from Pan Pac of New Zealand

08.03.2021 − Springer is supplying a new earthquake-proof heavy-duty sawmill feed system to Pan Pac Forest Products for its sawmill in Whirinaki, Hawke’s Bay. » more

Beetlewood incidence still high in Switzerland in 2020

08.03.2021 − Roughly 1.532m m³ of beetle-damaged wood arose in Switzerland in 2020, 3 % more than a year earlier.» more

Initial forecast puts damaged wood 40 % below 2020

05.03.2021 − If weather conditions are favourable from the point of view of forest protection, the volume of damaged wood in Germany is expected to amount to 39.6m m³ in 2021.» more

ATA Timber founds subsidiary for sales in Great Britain

02.03.2021 − ATA Timber has been conducting the majority of its lumber sales in Great Britain since 1 January 2021 via the newly founded subsidiary ATA Timber UK. » more

Siberian Atlant places order with USNR for sawmilling lines

01.03.2021 − USNR AB, belonging to US Natural Resources (USNR) signed a contract with the Siberian sawmilling company Atlant at the end of December for the delivery of a complete sawmilling line.» more

Moelven achieves significant improvement in earnings

26.02.2021 − Moelven Industrier closed 2020 with significant improvements in in its results. » more

UPM to shut small-diameter timber line at Kaukas sawmill

25.02.2021 − UPM-Kymmene intends to shut down its cutting line designed to process small-diameter pine lumber at the Kaukas sawmill during the course of 2021. » more

Bergs Timber profits from heavy DIY demand

19.02.2021 − After the sales of its Swedish sawmills to Vida, Bergs Timber profited from heavy demand from the DIY sector in the fourth quarter as well. » more

Increase in US imports from Europe tails off slightly

18.02.2021 − At a total of 1.075m m³, the volume of softwood lumber imported by the USA from the EU (including Great Britain) over the course of the fourth quarter of 2020 was 49% higher.» more

Shortages to continue in supply of Siberian larch

17.02.2021 − Procuring Siberian larch sawnwood remains difficult in central Europe at the beginning of 2021 due to a short supply. » more

Spain imports 14% less softwood lumber

15.02.2021 − In the third quarter, Spanish imports of softwood lumber decreased by 14% vis à vis 2019 to 199,667m³. » more