Fridholm is new director of Swedish Wood

08.04.2019 − Effective April 1, Mathias Fridholm took over the position of Director at Swedish Wood (Svensk Trä). » more


Significant drop in beech roundwood exports to China

05.04.2019 − Over the course of the second half of 2018, German beech roundwood exports to China declined at an increasing rate. » more

Duma allows further draft for ban on log exports

04.04.2019 − On 28 February, ten deputies introduced to Russia’s Duma a draft bill through log exports are to be banned until 31 December 2035.» more

Johansson takes over Dahl's CEO position at Vida

02.04.2019 − As of April 1, Santhe Dahl stepped down as CEO of Swedish Vida and became Chairman of the Group's Board. » more

Russian softwood log exports slightly lower than 2017

01.04.2019 − In the fourth quarter Russian softwood log exports, at 2.953m m³, were slightly below the previous year’s figure.» more

Further decline in beech lumber exports to China

29.03.2019 − In the fourth quarter of 2018 beech lumber exports to China also fell short of the figures achieved in the preceding year. » more

Gambroudes resigns as CEO of Bergs Timber UK

29.03.2019 − Alex Gambroudes is relinquishing his position as CEO of Bergs Timber UK as of March 31. » more

Juodeliai to invest €40m in new sawmill

28.03.2019 − The Lithuanian sawmill company Juodeliai is investing €40m in the construction of a new sawmill in Marijampole.» more

North American sawnwood output lower in Q4 2018

28.03.2019 − At a total of 36.790m m³, the North American output of sawn softwood in the fourth quarter turned out to be 3.9 % lower than a year earlier. » more

Holtec supplies roundwood sorting to Hasslacher

25.03.2019 − In the course of the capacity expansion announced in May 2018 by the Austrian Hasslacher Group for the sawmill in Preding, Holtec will supply a new roundwood sorting system.» more

Juodeliai exceeds target sales revenue set for 2018

23.03.2019 − Lithuanian Juodeliai generated sales revenue of around 46m € in 2018. » more

GP invests US$ 30m in sawmill in Rome/Georgia

22.03.2019 − Georgia-Pacific is investing around US$ 30m in the expansion and modernization of the sawmill in Rome/Georgia. » more

Damaged wood in Czech Republic estimated at 30m m³

21.03.2019 − The research institute Czech Forest is reckoning with at least 30m m³ of beetle-damaged wood in 2019. » more

US sawn softwood imports down by 11 % in Q4 2018

20.03.2019 − The USA imported a total of 8.277 m³ of sawn softwood during the course of the fourth quarter, roughly 11 % less than in the same period of the year before. » more

Sweden: Weak exports at the end of the year

18.03.2019 − With a total of 785,000 m³, Swedish exports of sawn softwood and planed goods in December fell short of the previous year's figure by around 24 %. » more

Growth in prices for softwood sawlogs in Estonia

18.03.2019 − Prices for softwood sawlogs in Estonia in January 2019 were higher than they had been in December 2018. » more

Bergs Timber changing business year and divisions

15.03.2019 − Starting this year, Bergs Timber is switching its business year to the calendar year. » more

Valmet to supply equipment for logyard in Joutseno

15.03.2019 − Finnish Metsä Group is investing some €15m in modernisation and expansion of the logyard at the Joutseno pulp plant. » more

Finnish exports of sawn softwood decreased by 10%

15.03.2019 − Finnish exports of softwood lumber declined by 10% in the fourth quarter vis à vis the comparative quarter of the preceding year to 2.213m m³.» more

Vika Wood starts trial operation on new sorting line

14.03.2019 − Latvian Vika Wood, belonging to Swedish Bergs Timber, recently commenced trial operation of the sawnwood sorting system supplied by Springer. » more

Sweden introducing new criteria for pulpwood grading

14.03.2019 − Qualitative grading of industrial soft and hardwood assortments into the two new quality categories of “Prima” and “Sekunda” is being introduced in Sweden with effect from 1 August.» more

Pölkky plans €30m investment in Kajaani sawmill

14.03.2019 − Finnish sawmill group Pölkky is to invest some €30m in the modernisation and expansion of the Kajaani sawmill.» more

British imports of sawnwood increased by 10%

13.03.2019 − British imports of sawn and planed softwood increased by 10% to 1.466m m³ in the fourth quarter compared with the same quarter of the previous year. » more

Russian sawnwood exports to China have risen by 15%

11.03.2019 − Russian exports of sawn softwood to China increased by 15 % to 4.446m m³ in the fourth quarter. » more

Canfor: Lumber business plummets into negative zone

08.03.2019 − For the fourth quarter Canadian Canfor records an operating loss of -Can$87.7m for the lumber business division. » more

Hasslacherles aiming to supply timber to UPM and Ikea

08.03.2019 − Hasslacherles , UPM-Kymmene Chudovo and Ikea Industry located in Novgorod oblast in Russia jointly signed a letter of intent with the administration of the oblast for securing their supply of timber.» more

US imports of coniferous sawn timber have fallen by 11%

08.03.2019 − In the course of the fourth quarter, the USA imported a total of 8.277m m³ of sawn softwood, about 11% less than in the same period of the previous year. » more

Belarusian exports grew by 21% in the fourth quarter

07.03.2019 − In the fourth quarter, Belarusian sawmills and exporters sold a volume of 787,999m³ softwood lumber to customers abroad; this corresponds to a 21% increase vis à vis the preceding year. » more

Michael caused 58.1m tonnes of storm wood in Florida

05.03.2019 − During his land passage on 10 October, hurricane "Michael" with wind speeds of up to 250 km/h caused a total of 58.1m tonnes of storm wood in Florida's forests. » more

SCA wants to increase sawmill in Tunadal to 900,000 m³

04.03.2019 − SCA has applied for a new environmental permit for the Tunadal sawmill and planing mill site in order to expand the capacity of the sawmill from the current 600,000 m³/year to up to 900,000 m³.» more