Finnish sawn-softwood output at previous year’s level

24.01.2020 − In the third quarter, exactly the same volume of sawnwood softwood was produced in Finland as in the year before at around 2.660m m³.» more


Most prices for whitewood suitable for planing rolled over

23.01.2020 − Scandinavian shippers’ negotiations with central European buyers on deliveries of spruce sawnwood for planing in the first quarter were comparatively protracted. » more

More sharp growth in planed-product exports to China

23.01.2020 − German planed-product exports to China in the third quarter were more than tripled against the previous year at 58,081. » more

Shipload with 65,471 m³ is heading for the USA

21.01.2020 − On 17 January, the "MS Saga Faith" left the Swedish port of Karlshamn for the USA with a total of 65,417 m³ of sawn softwood on board.» more

Reduced rate of decay registered in sawnwood prices

20.01.2020 − The majority of softwood sawmills have resumed cutting operations since the beginning of the second calendar week of 2020. » more

Felling in Norway exceeds 11m m³ for the fist time

17.01.2020 − In Norway, 11.107m m³ of round timber was harvested last year, around 1.4% more than in 2018.» more

Pölkky orders planing equipment from Weinig

17.01.2020 − At the end of October 2019, the Finnish sawmilling group Pölkky awarded a turn-key contract to Michael Weinig for building a new industrial planing works in Taivalkoski as announced in August.» more

Above-average growth in planed lumber production

16.01.2020 − In the third quarter German production of planed softwood lumber increased by 9.1% vis à vis the comparative quarter of the preceding year to 1.267m m³.» more

Austria: further significant rise in green timber prices

14.01.2020 − Due to unfavourable harvesting conditions, restrained felling of standing-timber as well as a slow-down in processing damaged wood, supplies of spruce sawlogs in Austria have tended to be below average.» more

Norway: further decline in spruce prices recently

13.01.2020 − In September, at an average of NOK509/m³, Norwegian prices for spruce sawlogs were 3% below the preceding year’s figure. » more

Gelo and Bullinger to construct sawmill in Wunsiedel

10.01.2020 − Construction of a small-diameter sawmill in Wunsiedel, as announced by Gelo Holzwerke at the start of November, is to be built in collaboration with Bullinger as a partner. » more

North America: lumber production decreased by 5%

09.01.2020 − Following declines of 4% and 6% in the first and second quarters, in the third quarter North American lumber production declined by 5% vis à vis 2018 to a total of 34.662m m³.» more

Russia records 6% rise in exports of softwood lumber

08.01.2020 − In the third quarter Russian exports of softwood lumber increased by 6% vis à vis last year's comparative quarter to 8.330m m³. » more

Rettenmeier to enlarge cutting capacity in Wilburgstetten

07.01.2020 − By installing a second chipper-canter line, Rettenmeier is more than trebling the technical annual cutting capacity of the sawmill in Wilburgstetten by the beginning of 2021 to 1.7m m³ in future.» more

Chinese lumber imports grew by only 6% in September

19.12.2019 − In the third quarter Chinese imports of rough-sawn and planed softwood lumber increased by 12% vis à vis last year‘s comparative quarter to 7,494m m³.» more

Canfor withdrawing another 58m bdft from market

17.12.2019 − Canfor will be shutting down its sawmills in British Columbia for two weeks between Christmas and the beginning of January. » more

Segezha’s sawnwood sales slump by 26 %

16.12.2019 − The “Wood Processing” division within the Russian Segezha Group of Segezha sold 218,000 m³ of sawn softwood in the third quarter; compared with last year, this equates to a reduction of 25.9 %.» more

68.6m m³ of damaged wood anticipated in Germany

13.12.2019 − As at September, the estimates from 15 German states on this year’s incidence of damaged wood and the still anticipated volumes of wood amount to 68.586m m³ across the whole range of tree species.» more

Sawn softwood exports fail to match last year’s level

12.12.2019 − After growth in the first (+11 %) and second quarters (+7 %), Germany’s exports of rough-sawn softwood in the third quarter turned out to be lower than in the third quarter of 2018.» more

Chile: acceleration in radiata pine export decline

09.12.2019 − In the third quarter Chilean exports of rough-sawn radiata pine lumber decreased by 9% vis à vis last year to 655,956m³. » more

Conifex concludes sale of Fort St. James

06.12.2019 − At the beginning of November Conifex Timber concluded the sale of its Fort St. James sawmill, including logging licenses, to Hampton Lumber. » more

Belarusian lumber exports increase by one fifth

05.12.2019 − In the third quarter Belarusian exports of softwood lumber increased by one fifth vis à vis last year’s comparative period to 1.017m m³. » more

Sawmills in Germany's south offer add-on for spruce

04.12.2019 − There have been significant movements in prices for green spruce sawlogs in southern Germany in the last few weeks. » more

BSW sawmill project in Slovenia delayed

02.12.2019 − The sawmill that British BSW Timber is planning to build in Gomilsko, Slovenia, is still going through the approval procedures. » more

Mebor delivers plant and machinery for Krstako sawmill

29.11.2019 − Slovenian Mebor completed the deliveries of machines for the Krstako sawmill in Valjevo, Serbia, during the course of summer. » more

USA softwood lumber imports down 10% on last year

28.11.2019 − At a total of 8.417m m³, over the third quarter the USA imported approximately 10% less softwood lumber than in the comparative period of last year.» more

Ikea sawmill Chociwel to be shut down in June 2020

25.11.2019 − Ikea Industry Poland will close the sawmill site in Chociwel/Westpomerania in June 2020. » more

Sawnwood output stable at level of same period of 2018

22.11.2019 − Baltic sawmills’ output of sawnwood in the first nine months remained largely stable at the level of the same period of last year. » more

SCA Wood’s operating result for Q3 reduced by half

22.11.2019 − At 111m SEK, the operating result of the “Wood” division of Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget (SCA) in the third quarter was half the figure for last year. » more

Reduced rate of decline in US sawn hardwood exports

21.11.2019 − US exports of sawn hardwood in the third quarter fell less sharply than in the two preceding quarters of this year. » more