Sweden: Roundwood prices remain weak

22.04.2020 − In the first quarter, the average price of softwood logs in Sweden fell by 0.6% to 493 SEK/m³ compared to the fourth quarter of 2019.» more


Search for investors for Klausner USA has failed

17.04.2020 − The negotiations of a Central European sawmill group for the takeover of the Klausner Lumber One sawmills in Florida and Klausner Lumber Two in North Carolina have failed for the time being.» more

Bankruptcy proceedings over two Klausner companies

15.04.2020 − Bankruptcy proceedings were opened yesterday at the Innsbruck Regional Court against Klausner Nordamerika Beteiligungs GmbH and Klausner Trading International GmbH.» more

Canfor cuts lumber production by 100 million bdft

14.04.2020 − Due to the Corona crisis, Canfor of Canada reduces its sawn timber production by a further 100 million bdft in the period from April 13 to May 1.» more

Bergs Timber closing sawmill in Gransjö by autumn

09.04.2020 − Swedish Bergs Timber is closing the sawmill in Gransjö to concentrate sawnwood production on its facilities in Vimmerby, Mörlunda, and Orrefors.» more

Metsä Group to build 200m € sawmill in Rauma

08.04.2020 − Metsä Group will be commencing construction work on 750,000 m³ sawmill in Rauma in spring 2020.» more

Canfor cutting output in North America and Europe

07.04.2020 − On 27 March the Canadian Canfor announced extensive production cuts for its works in Canada, the USA, and Europe in connection with the corona crisis.» more

Derome Timber begins exporting to USA

07.04.2020 − The “Derome Timber” division of Derome despatched its first delivery of sawn softwood to the USA in mid-March 2020.» more

Norway: Roundwood prices have fallen further

06.04.2020 − In Norway, the average price of 384 nkr/m³ achieved in February across all roundwood assortments is now 14% below the previous year's level.» more

Sawmills plan increased use of short-time working

02.04.2020 − From calendar week 15 onwards, an increasing number of German sawmill companies are planning to send employees on short-time working. » more

Finland: Sawn timber production down sharply

01.04.2020 − During the fourth quarter of 2019, a total of 2.59 million m³ of sawn softwood was produced in Finland, 13.9% less than in the same quarter of the previous year.» more

Canfor reduces production in North America and Europe

27.03.2020 − In connection with the corona crisis, the Canadian company Canfor today announced far-reaching production cuts at its plants in Canada and the USA as well as in Europe.» more

Carl Götz and auric timber conclude exclusive agreement

24.03.2020 − At the end of February Carl Götz and Croatian oak sawmill auric timber concluded an exclusive sales agreement. » more

WFP turnover plummets by almost 72% in Q4

23.03.2020 − In the fourth quarter Western Forest Products (WFP), Vancouver, British Columbia, recorded a net loss of -Can$29.2m. » more

Sharp decline in roundwood prices in Norway in January

20.03.2020 − In spite of a 6.2 % reduction in felling across the whole range of tree species and assortments against the previous month to 979,000 m³, roundwood prices fell sharply in Norway at the beginning of 2020. » more

Sweden’s sawn softwood exports boosted by 7 %

19.03.2020 − In the second half-year, Sweden boosted its exports of rough-sawn and planed sawn softwood by a total of 7.3 % to 6.201m m³ compared to the corresponding period in the preceding year. » more

Canfor WSPF lumber production down 22%

18.03.2020 − Due production cutbacks in Canadian sawmills, lower softwood lumber prices in North America as well as higher roundwood procurement costs, the lumber business division of Canfor also had to cope with losses.» more

Beech exports to China only 2% lower than 2018

16.03.2020 − In the fourth quarter beech lumber exports of German sawmills and trading companies to China declined slightly by 2% to 29,465m³.» more

Spruce exports halted by log merchants since March

13.03.2020 − At the beginning of March, numerous trading companies active in exporting spruce roundwood suspended or at least heavily reduced loading and shipping to China. » more

Klausner sawmills in the USA are for sale

13.03.2020 − A Central European sawmill group is currently negotiating the acquisition of the two sawmills Klausner Lumber One in Live Oak, Florida and Klausner Lumber Two in Enfield, North Carolina. » more

British Columbia: Sawn timber production falls by 20 %

10.03.2020 − Roundwood supply problems, strikes and numerous temporary and permanent shutdowns have led to a significant decline in sawn softwood production in British Columbia.» more

Roundwood prices in Norway drop significantly

05.03.2020 − In Norway, roundwood prices fell significantly despite a 6.2% lower felling of 979,000 m³ compared to the same month last year across all tree species and product ranges.» more

New Zealand: Roundwood exports have stalled

05.03.2020 − New Zealand roundwood exporters can currently hardly export goods to China, as the port storage facilities there are exhausted at the end of February 2020 due to lack of unloading. » more

Czech Forest expects up to 60m m³ damaged wood

28.02.2020 − In 2020 Czech forestry institute Czech Forest anticipates an accrual of 40-60m m³ beetle-damaged wood in the Czech Republic. » more

Prices for construction assortments to be raised soon

27.02.2020 − From the point of view of southwest Germany sawmills, the pace of business activity has been somewhat higher than average in the first few weeks of this year. » more

7-8m m³ of wood damaged by hurricane-force winds

27.02.2020 − According to the provisional figures, the deep low-pressure systems that swept across large parts of Europe have given rise to an estimated volume of 7-8m m³ of storm-damaged wood in central Europe.» more

Latvia: decline in lumber exports to Great Britain

26.02.2020 − In the fourth quarter Latvian softwood lumber exports to Great Britain dropped by 26% vis à vis the comparative quarter of 2018 to 201,200m³. » more

Operating loss posted by Bergs Timber in Q4 2010

24.02.2020 − Bergs Timber slid into the red in the fourth quarter with an operating result of -22m SEK and after-tax earnings of -32m SEK.» more

DOC holds out prospect of reductions in customs duties

21.02.2020 − In a provisional decision on 4 February, the United States Department of Commerce (DOC) is holding out the prospect of a reduction in the antidumping and countervailing duties for sawn softwood products. » more

Moelven: key results figures continue to decline

21.02.2020 − The key results of Moelven Industrier continued to decline in the fourth quarter. » more