Auctus aiming to take a stake in Häussermann group

11.06.2021 − The private-equity company Auctus Capital Partners is taking a stake in Häussermann group. » more


Japan: imports of lumber from Europe down by 13%

11.06.2021 − In the first quarter, Japanese imports of softwood lumber from Europe declined by 13.1% vis à vis the preceding year to a total volume of 505,762m³.» more

Interfor wants to acquire four US sawmills from GP

10.06.2021 − The Canadian company Interfor Corp. came to an agreement with Georgia-Pacific Wood Products and GP Wood Products on 27 May on the acquisition of four US sawmills.» more

US lumber futures decrease significantly again

10.06.2021 − Following the rise in lumber futures for July 2021 to a peak of US$1,711/1,000bdft, quotations are now considerably lower.» more

Softwood lumber exports remain above previous year

09.06.2021 − In the first quarter, at 1.655m m³, German exports of rough-sawn softwood lumber increased by 5% compared to the preceding year. » more

Russia introduces export duties for green lumber

08.06.2021 − From 1 July, Russia will impose a duty rate of 10% of the export value - or at least €13/m³ - on exports of sawn softwood with a moisture content of more than 22%.» more

Bergkvist-Siljan expands sawmill in Insjön

08.06.2021 − The Swedish forestry and sawmilling company Bergkvist-Siljan is allowed to raise its sawmilling capacity at its headquarters in Insjön from currently 400,000 m³ of sawn softwood up to 650,000 m²/year. » more

Belarus: decline in exports accelerates

07.06.2021 − In the first quarter, Belarusian exports of rough-sawn and planed lumber plummeted by 25% to 771,725m³.» more

USA plans to increase duties on softwood lumber

04.06.2021 − The USA is planning to implement a further increase on anti-dumping and countervailing duties (AD/CVD) relating to deliveries from Canada.» more

Valutec supplying TC kilns to Russian Terneyles

31.05.2021 − The Russian wood-industry group Terneyles recently ordered three TC continuous kilns from Valutec for the sawmill at its headquarters in Plastun. » more

Spanish softwood lumber imports continue to decline

26.05.2021 − In the fourth quarter of 2020, Spanish imports of softwood lumber declined by 13% vis à vis the comparative quarter of the preceding year to 225,729m³. » more

USA’s imports from Europe up 28 % in first quarter

25.05.2021 − The USA imported a total of 878,501 m³ of sawn softwood from Europe (EU-27) during the course of the first quarter, 28 % more than in the same period of last year. » more

Sweden’s sawnwood exports significantly lower

24.05.2021 − At a total of 2.437m m³, the Swedish sawmilling industry exported 16 % less sawn softwood and planed products in the first two months than it did a year earlier.» more

Scandinavians holding supply promises and prices

21.05.2021 − At the middle of the second quarter, business under the quarterly contracts agreed between Scandinavian sawn-softwood producers and central European customers is mostly unfolding according to plan.» more

Versowood increases cutting at Vierumäki sawmill

17.05.2021 − Versowood is investing a sum of €15m in expansion of the sawmill at company headquarters in Vierumäki.» more

HIT Holz commissions new planing mill

14.05.2021 − Already in February, HIT Holz commissioned a new planing mill. The planing mill is primarily used to produce lumber ranges for the US market.» more

Holmen wood products division sales up by 51%

13.05.2021 − In the first quarter of 2021, the wood products business division of Swedish Holmen increased its sales of wood products by 51% to a volume of 372,000m³. » more

Increase in spruce log prices in China has slowed

11.05.2021 − The increase in spruce roundwood prices in China has slowed down since mid-April. » more

RuScan put into operation by Siberian Ilimprom

10.05.2021 − The Siberian sawmilling company Ilimprom recently put a “RuScan” scanner from Avtomatika Vektor into operation at its Ust-Ilimsk facility. » more

Södra puts its sawlog prices up by SEK30/m³

10.05.2021 − After the increase in January, Södra, announced further mark-ups on prices for sawlogs and industrial roundwood on 21 April with immediate effect and introduced thinning bonuses at the same time. » more

Stora Enso Wood Products profits from high prices

07.05.2021 − At 1.113m m³ of sawnwood and wood products, the volume of wood sold by the “Wood products” division of Stora Enso in the first quarter was almost 6 % higher than a year earlier.» more

Rettenmeier starts up Wilburgstetten and Hirschberg

06.05.2021 − Two major investment projects have been brought largely to their conclusion at Rettenmeier Holding in the last few weeks.» more

Felling in Germany driven to record level of 80.4m m³

05.05.2021 − The total volume of wood felled in Germany in 2020 was 80.420m m³, which equates to an increase of 17.9 % to a new record level. » more

Restructuring measures in UPM Timber sawmills

03.05.2021 − At the end of March UPM Kymmene concluded the mandatory negotiations with employees concerning restructuring measures in the UPM Timber business division. » more

Atlant: sawmill assembly to begin in summer

30.04.2021 − Over the course of the summer the first components for the sawmill of Siberian company Atlant, currently under construction, are to be delivered and assembled. » more

Growth in Finnish sawnwood prices and exports

29.04.2021 − Subject to a gradual return to normality from the corona crisis, the Pellervo Economic Research Institute (PTT) is working from the assumption of strong growth in the forest and wood industries for 2021. » more

Softwood logs exports to China more than doubled

26.04.2021 − At a total of 5.876m m³, the volume of softwood sawlogs exported by Germany to China in 2020 was more than double the figure for the previous year. » more

Less sawnwood imported by USA from Europe

22.04.2021 − In February, the USA imported a total of 191,532 m³ of sawn softwood from the EU (EU-27), roughly 5 % less than a year earlier. » more

Prices for softwood sawlogs doubled in Belarus

20.04.2021 − By December, the prices for B-grade softwood sawlogs in Belarus were double what they had been in June. » more

UK: Sawnwood sales expected to rise by 4 %

19.04.2021 − Nick Moore, managing director of TimberTrends, is expecting the volume of sawn softwood sold in the UK in 2021 to be 4 % higher than last year. » more