British CTI anticipates supply shortages to continue

05.08.2021 − In Great Britain the shortages in supply concerning both so-called home-grown timber from British production and imported softwood lumber are expected to continue until the end of September.» more


EOS: sawn hardwood production reduced in 2020

03.08.2021 − In variance to the original forecasts, the output of sawn hardwood in the twelve EOS member countries in 2020 was only 4.8% lower than a year earlier at 5.73m m³. » more

Croatian state forest office’s felling reduced in 2020

02.08.2021 − The volume of roundwood felled by the Croatian state forest office Hrvatske Šume (HR sume) was 4.5% lower in 2020 at 5.96m m³. » more

More pronounced reduction in CFR China prices for spruce

02.08.2021 − The reduction already noticeable in CFR mainland port prices for central European spruce roundwood in China at the beginning of June recently gathered pace significantly. » more

Spain: share of imports from Europe increases to 90%

30.07.2021 − In the first three months, Spanish softwood lumber imports from other European countries rose by 15% vis à vis the preceding year to a volume of 222,448 m³. » more

Segezha to modernise Karelian Wood for RUB350m

29.07.2021 − Segezha Group will be investing roughly RUB350m (roughly equivalent to €4m) in updating the sawmill Karelian Wood Company (KWC) by the middle of 2022 as part of a second modernisation phase. » more

RusForest orders log sorting line from Hekotek

26.07.2021 − Siberian RusForest Magistralny recently placed an order with Hekotek for a log-sorting line fitted with 50 bunkers as a replacement for the existing sorting line. » more

Siberian Magistral Transit orders scanner for sorting line

23.07.2021 − The sawmilling company Magistral Transit recently placed an order with Finscan which belongs to Microtec for a scanner for sorting kiln-dried sawn softwood. » more

EOS: 2020 softwood lumber production up despite corona

22.07.2021 − In 2020, softwood lumber production in the twelve member countries of the European Organisation of the Sawmill Industry (EOS) increased by 1.0% vis à vis the preceding year to 85.86m m³. » more

Setra Group extending Skinnskatteberg sawmill

21.07.2021 − Setra Group is planning to add a small-diameter log line to its pine sawmill in Skinnskatteberg.» more

Kaamos Timber orders log sorting system from Hekotek

19.07.2021 − Hekotek is supplying a log-sorting line with 46 bunkers for the sawmill of Kaamos Timber, which is currently under construction in Mozyr, Belarus. » more

Segezha planning to extend Siberian LDK 1 for RUB6.5bn

16.07.2021 − Segezha Group of Moscow, Russia, wants to invest RUB6.5bn (roughly equivalent to €74m) in extending the LDK 1 sawmill in Lesosibirsk, Siberia.» more

FinScan supplying scanners for new ULK sawmill

15.07.2021 − The northern Russian wood group ULK recently placed an order with FinScan, a subsidiary of Microtec, for three scanners for the sawmill planned for its Karpogory facility. » more

Lumber production in North America increases

12.07.2021 − In the first quarter, the North American sawmill industry produced a total volume of 36.566m m³ softwood lumber, representing an increase of 3.4% compared to the preceding year.» more

Russian softwood roundwood exports increase by 9%

08.07.2021 − In the first quarter Russian exports of softwood roundwood increased by 9% vis à vis preceding year to 1.331m m³.» more

Groupe BGA sawmill taken over by Monnet-Sève

06.07.2021 − The French sawmill group Monnet-Sève has taken over Groupe BGA’s Bois Ariègeois sawmill with effect from 2 June and has renamed it Bois et Sciages Barbe (BSB).» more

Kraslesinvest partner in productivity-boosting project

05.07.2021 − According to a recent agreement between the ministry of tradeof Krasnoyarsk krai and Kraslesinvest, the company is to become a partner in the state pilot project for increasing production.» more

PLIB disagrees with warnings against European lumber

02.07.2021 − PLIB has contradicted the statements published by the North Carolina Department of Insurance, according to which the use of European sawn softwood does not meet the requirements of the building regulations.» more

Finnish exports to Europe up by 63%

01.07.2021 − In the first quarter, Finnish exports of rough-sawn and planed softwood lumber to European countries rose by 63% to 1.104m m³. » more

Poland: entire offer at auctions sold

29.06.2021 − At the roundwood auctions held by Polish state forestry administration, almost the entire volume made available for the second half year - 4.086m m³ - was successfully bid for and sold.» more

Russian softwood lumber exports down by 13%

28.06.2021 − In the first three months, Russian softwood lumber exports decreased by 13% vis à vis the comparative period of the preceding year to 5.976m m³. » more

Swedish proportion of British imports declines

28.06.2021 − In the first quarter British softwood lumber imports increased by 31% vis à vis the preceding year to 1.894m m³. » more

Lumber futures and selling prices regressive in USA

25.06.2021 − At US$1,009/1,000 bdft, the lumber futures for July 2021 on 16 June were already 41% lower than the peak on 10 May. » more

Resolute investing additional CAD50m in sawmills

24.06.2021 − Resolute Forest Products (RFP) has announced investment of CAD50m in four sawmills. » more

Sweden’s sawnwood exports 12% down on last year

22.06.2021 − Sweden’s sawn-softwood exports in the first quarter turned out to be 12% lower than in the same period of last year. » more

Price for pine sawlogs reaches peak in Estonia

21.06.2021 − The price for pine sawlogs in Estonia rose in April to €86.96/m³ ex forest, the highest figure ever recorded.» more

Canfor investing US$160m in new sawmill in Louisiana

18.06.2021 − Canfor wants to build a 250m bdft sawmill near DeRidder, Louisiana. As reported by the company, a total of roughly US$160m is to be invested in building the greenfield works.» more

TTF anticipating tougher procurement problems

18.06.2021 − The Timber Trade Federation (TTF) is expecting it to become even more difficult to procure construction timber in the third quarter. » more

Sawmilling industry’s sales revenue boosted by 27.1%

17.06.2021 − For the first quarter, Destatis, the federal statistics office, recorded growth of 27.1% in sales revenue generated by sawmilling companies with over 50 employees to €1.498bn. » more

Latvian softwood lumber exports decline by 4.5%

14.06.2021 − In the first three months, Latvian softwood lumber exports declined by 4.5% to 708,900m³.» more