Stora Enso: Wood Products can keep EBIT stable

26.04.2019 − The "Wood Products" business unit of the Finnish company Stora Enso reported slight increases in sales and EBIDTA in the first quarter compared with the previous year, while EBIT remained stable. » more


Ghanaian timber exports down 1.9% in 2018

25.04.2019 − Timber exports from Ghana decreased significantly in the fourth quarter of 2018. » more

Harvesting of damaged wood has determined felling

24.04.2019 − In Germany, a significantly higher amount of damaged wood than in 2017 led to a 20.3 % increase in timber felling to 64.362m m³ last year.» more

Production of spruce lumber increases by 12.3%.

23.04.2019 − Total German softwood lumber production in the previous year amounted to around 18.435m m³, around 1.7 % more than in 2017.» more

Austria: logging volume increases by 9% to 19.2m m³

22.04.2019 − The bark beetle calamity, the volume of storm-damaged wood in 2017 as well as initial timber volumes made available from clearing of storm-damaged wood led to an 8.7% increase in logging volumes.» more

Lower sales volume weighs on Setra result

19.04.2019 − The Swedish Setra Group reported a decline in operating profit of almost 10 % to SEK 83m for the first quarter. » more

Bergs Timber ships 19,000 m³ of sawnwood to the USA

18.04.2019 − On 3 April the MS Saga Future with 19,000 m³ of sawn softwood from the sawmills of Bergs Timber left the port of Oskarshamn.» more

Exports of planed goods have lost momentum

18.04.2019 − German exports of planed timber in the fourth quarter of 2018 totalled 580,312 m³, 18 % more than in the previous year.» more

Heinola delivers chipper line to Russian Vostok Resurs

17.04.2019 − The Finnish plant manufacturer Heinola Sawmill Machinery recently delivered a chipping line designed for a production capacity of 250,000 m³ softwood lumber/year to the Russian sawmill company Vostok Resurs. » more

Romania: Competition authority extends investigation

12.04.2019 − The Romanian Competition Authority has extended its investigation into illegal collusion at roundwood auctions between wood industry companies by an additional 35 to a total of 94 companies. » more

Chilean radiata pine lumber exports increase by 31%

12.04.2019 − In the fourth quarter Chilean exports of radiata pine lumber, at 762,412m³, surpassed the preceding year’s figure by 31%. » more

US hardwood lumber exports decline in Q4

11.04.2019 − In the fourth quarter US sawmills and concentration yards exported a significantly lower volume of hardwood lumber than in the preceding year. » more

Arvonen takes over CEO position at Sveaskog

11.04.2019 − The current CEO of the Swedish sawmill company Setra Group, Hannele Arvonen, will join Sveaskog as CEO by September at the latest.» more

Fridholm is new director of Swedish Wood

08.04.2019 − Effective April 1, Mathias Fridholm took over the position of Director at Swedish Wood (Svensk Trä). » more

Significant drop in beech roundwood exports to China

05.04.2019 − Over the course of the second half of 2018, German beech roundwood exports to China declined at an increasing rate. » more

Duma allows further draft for ban on log exports

04.04.2019 − On 28 February, ten deputies introduced to Russia’s Duma a draft bill through log exports are to be banned until 31 December 2035.» more

Johansson takes over Dahl's CEO position at Vida

02.04.2019 − As of April 1, Santhe Dahl stepped down as CEO of Swedish Vida and became Chairman of the Group's Board. » more

Russian softwood log exports slightly lower than 2017

01.04.2019 − In the fourth quarter Russian softwood log exports, at 2.953m m³, were slightly below the previous year’s figure.» more

Further decline in beech lumber exports to China

29.03.2019 − In the fourth quarter of 2018 beech lumber exports to China also fell short of the figures achieved in the preceding year. » more

Gambroudes resigns as CEO of Bergs Timber UK

29.03.2019 − Alex Gambroudes is relinquishing his position as CEO of Bergs Timber UK as of March 31. » more

Juodeliai to invest €40m in new sawmill

28.03.2019 − The Lithuanian sawmill company Juodeliai is investing €40m in the construction of a new sawmill in Marijampole.» more

North American sawnwood output lower in Q4 2018

28.03.2019 − At a total of 36.790m m³, the North American output of sawn softwood in the fourth quarter turned out to be 3.9 % lower than a year earlier. » more

Holtec supplies roundwood sorting to Hasslacher

25.03.2019 − In the course of the capacity expansion announced in May 2018 by the Austrian Hasslacher Group for the sawmill in Preding, Holtec will supply a new roundwood sorting system.» more

Juodeliai exceeds target sales revenue set for 2018

23.03.2019 − Lithuanian Juodeliai generated sales revenue of around 46m € in 2018. » more

GP invests US$ 30m in sawmill in Rome/Georgia

22.03.2019 − Georgia-Pacific is investing around US$ 30m in the expansion and modernization of the sawmill in Rome/Georgia. » more

Damaged wood in Czech Republic estimated at 30m m³

21.03.2019 − The research institute Czech Forest is reckoning with at least 30m m³ of beetle-damaged wood in 2019. » more

US sawn softwood imports down by 11 % in Q4 2018

20.03.2019 − The USA imported a total of 8.277 m³ of sawn softwood during the course of the fourth quarter, roughly 11 % less than in the same period of the year before. » more

Sweden: Weak exports at the end of the year

18.03.2019 − With a total of 785,000 m³, Swedish exports of sawn softwood and planed goods in December fell short of the previous year's figure by around 24 %. » more

Growth in prices for softwood sawlogs in Estonia

18.03.2019 − Prices for softwood sawlogs in Estonia in January 2019 were higher than they had been in December 2018. » more

Bergs Timber changing business year and divisions

15.03.2019 − Starting this year, Bergs Timber is switching its business year to the calendar year. » more