Vida’s drying capacity being enlarged at six sawmills

12.10.2021 − Vida, the majority in which is owned by Canfor, is investing a total of around SEK100m in enlarging its drying capacity.» more


Plans for expansion of Rettenmeier Inculkans by 2024

08.10.2021 − Rettenmeier Holding, part of Cordes group, is planning extensive expansion and modernisation measures at Rettenmeier Baltic Timber in Inculkans, Latvia, by 2024. » more

Pollmeier enlarging Aschaffenburg works for cut-sizes

29.09.2021 − Pollmeier is switching part of the beech-sawnwood production operations at its Aschaffenburg sawmill to cut-sizes for the new components division. » more

More pronounced growth registered in British imports

28.09.2021 − British sawn-softwood imports in the second quarter were 68% higher than a year earlier at 2.144m m³. » more

Beech lumber exports continue to recover

27.09.2021 − In the second quarter German sawmills and timber trading companies exported 139,302 m³ beech lumber, representing an increase of 27%. » more

Significant rise in Russian exports to Europe

27.09.2021 − In the second quarter Russian softwood lumber exports to relevant European purchasing countries increased at an above-average rate compared to the same period last year.» more

Pfeifer invests €20m in extending Chanovice facility

24.09.2021 − Over the last few months, Pfeifer Group has enlarged the drying capacity and put a new planing works into operation at its Chanovice facility in the Czech Republic at a cost of approximately €20m.» more

James Jones completes expansion of Lockerbie 1

23.09.2021 − James Jones & Sons recently concluded the expansion - by 4 ha - of its existing Lockerbie Mill 1 logyard at the Stevens Croft site. » more

Holtec completes several woodyard installation orders

22.09.2021 − In the last few months, Holtec, geared primarily to log-yard systems, has completed several of the orders it had received from the central European sawmilling industry in 2019 and 2020. » more

Sweden’s Q2 exports restored to last year’s level

21.09.2021 − In the second quarter, at a total of 3.677m m³, Sweden was able to restore its sawn-softwood and planed-product exports almost to the level of a year earlier.» more

US sawnwood imports from Europe grew by 26%

20.09.2021 − The USA’s imports of sawn softwood in July were only a little under 3% above the figure for the same month of last year at a total of 2.929m m³. » more

Juodeliai’s production boosted by 81% in first half-year

17.09.2021 − Juodeliai achieved an 81% increase in output at the group level to around 250,000 m³ of sawnwood in the first half-year as a result of the new sawmill put into operation at the Marijampole facility.» more

Less sawn softwood imported from Europe by Japan in Q2

16.09.2021 − At 537,626 m³, the volume of sawn softwood imported by Japan from Europe in the second quarter was 22.4% lower than in the same quarter of last year. » more

German sawn-softwood exports up 15% in quarter 2

14.09.2021 − Germany exported a total of 1.721m m³ of rough-sawn softwood during the course of the second quarter, almost 15% more than a year earlier. » more

Precious Woods increases turnover and results

13.09.2021 − Precious Woods Holding, a company which focuses on tropical wood, increased its turnover by almost 18% to €27.2m in the first half. » more

Further price increases for spruce sawlogs in China

10.09.2021 − Over the course of August demand for spruce sawlogs in China has recovered very quickly. » more

Cémac minsters postpone roundwood export ban to 2023

09.09.2021 − On 28 July, the forestry and environment ministers of the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa (Cémac) decided to postpone the planned ban on roundwood exports.» more

Pfeifer’s Lauterbach extension largely on schedule

24.08.2021 − Two of three major expansion-investment projects will probably be able to be realised at Pfeifer Holz Lauterbach by November. » more

Linck supplying chipping line for Onega sawmill in Russia

23.08.2021 − Onega LDK, part of Segezha Group, is being comprehensively updated and extended in two stages over the next two and a half years at a cost of approximately RUB5.5bn (roughly equivalent to €62m).» more

Sierra Pacific Industries aiming to takeover Seneca

23.08.2021 − Sierra Pacific Industries (SPI) wants to further strengthen its position in the US sawmilling industry by taking over Seneca Sawmill Company including its subsidiaries. » more

Interfor planning to invest another US$230m by 2024

20.08.2021 − Interfor wants to invest another US$230m in its sawmills in the south of the USA by 2024. » more

Ziegler Group to consider building works in Slovakia

19.08.2021 − Ziegler Group has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Slovakian ministry of trade and industry for building a sawmill and wood-processing works near the southern Slovakian city of Rimavská Sobota. » more

Russian production increases by 3.3% in June

18.08.2021 − Expansion of production capacities as well as sufficient supply of roundwood have led to an increase in the cutting activity of Russian sawmills in the current year compared to the previous year. » more

Polish sawmills increase cutting activities by 26%

17.08.2021 − In the second quarter, the cutting activity of Polish softwood sawmills increased at a significantly stronger rate than in the first quarter. » more

Mercer Wood Products more than doubles sales

16.08.2021 − Owing to the high sawn-softwood prices on the markets in Germany and the USA, the “Wood products” division of Mercer International more than doubled its revenue from sawnwood sales.» more

German softwood log exports rose to 2.2m m³ in q1

13.08.2021 − Germany exported a total of 2.210m m³ of softwood logs in the first three months of this year, roughly 12% more than a year earlier.» more

Hunt and Tolko to build second greenfield sawmill

12.08.2021 − Hunt Forest Products will be building a second greenfield sawmill in Louisiana jointly with Tolko Industries.» more

Estonian planed lumber exports increase by 6%

10.08.2021 − In the first quarter Estonian exports of rough-sawn and planed softwood lumber were just short of the preceding year’s figure at 144,905 m³. » more

Sawmill in archdiocese of Olomouc in regular operation

06.08.2021 − Arcibiskupské lesy a statky Olomouc (ALSOL), owned by the Czech archdiocese of Olomouc, finished building the new sawmill in Vápenná near Javorník at the end of the first quarter 2021. » more

Södra Wood’s operating margin improved by 27 points

05.08.2021 − The “Wood” division of the Södra group profited from brisk demand for sawn softwood and the ensuing prices increases in the second quarter. » more