Official start of construction of new Juodeliai sawmill

11.10.2019 − The official laying of the foundation stone for the new building of Lithuanian Juodeliai took place on 5 September.» more


Conversion work begun by Javorice softwood sawmill

08.10.2019 − Czech Javorice began work on refitting the sawing facilities in summer this year.» more

Decline in beech lumber exports to China

08.10.2019 − In the second quarter beech lumber exports to China decreased only moderately vis à vis last year, by 4% to 41,875m³.» more

63% of Russian sawnwood exports are delivered to China

07.10.2019 − In the second quarter Russian exports of softwood lumber to China increased by 10% vis à vis last year’s comparative quarter to 5.369m m³.» more

NAFTA panel declares ITC decision unfounded

04.10.2019 − The NAFTA panel has declared the reason given by the ITC for imposing antidumping and countervailing duty on Canadian sawn softwood imports into the USA as unfounded.» more

Swedish exports to north Africa increase by 12%

01.10.2019 − Swedish exports of softwood lumber and planed lumber to north Africa increased by 12% in the second quarter vis à vis the comparative quarter of last year to 579,000m³.» more

Egger selling subsector of forest subsidiary in UK

30.09.2019 − The forest enterprise Egger Forestry belonging to Egger UK, is selling its “Forest Management” unit to RTS which is active in the same sector, on 1 October.» more

Increased demand for sawn softwood in France

30.09.2019 − The level of demand for sawn softwood was satisfactory in France in the second quarter.» more

Finnish softwood lumber exports increased by 2%

27.09.2019 − In the second quarter Finnish exports of softwood lumber increased by 2% vis à vis the comparative quarter of last year to 2.421m m³. » more

Deterioration in Swedish sawmills’ earnings position

27.09.2019 − The earnings position of Swedish sawmills is likely to continue to deteriorate due decaying sawnwood prices. » more

Northern Swedish Norrskog and Norra want to merge

26.09.2019 − Norrskog and Norra Skogsägarna, two associations of forest owners in northern Sweden, will propose a merger to their members. » more

Vida investing 14m SEK in Urshult sawmill

26.09.2019 − Vida is investing 14m SEK in modernising its Urshult sawmill.» more

27 % more roundwood felled by Russian Titan Group

23.09.2019 − The forest enterprises of the northern Russian Titan Group felled 663,500 m³ of roundwood in the second quarter; this equates to an increase of 27 % against the same quarter of last year.» more

Georgia-Pacific Expands Sawmill and Plywood Plant

19.09.2019 − The US-American Georgia-Pacific will make investments of US$ 70m at its Gurdon/Arkansas site. » more

Bergs aiming for sharp increase in Mörlunda’s output

19.09.2019 − Swedish Bergs Timber is aiming to increase the annual output of its main works in Mörlunda from the present 130,000 m³ to 300,000 m³ of sawn softwood in future. » more

Machinery assembly to be resumed at Cedar

13.09.2019 − The assembly of sawmill machinery at Croatian sawmill Cedar , which had been temporarily interrupted, is to resume in coming weeks.» more

Roundwood stocks in Sweden up 36% on last year’s level

11.09.2019 − By mid-2019 the Swedish woodworking industry’s roundwood and residual wood stocks reached the highest level for 15 years. » more

Bergs Timber’s EBITDA margin down to 3.7 % in quarter 2

09.09.2019 − During the course of the second quarter, the results of the “Sawmills” division of Bergs Timber were impaired by regressive sawn softwood prices and roundwood procurement costs at a high level.» more

Block train with sawn timber from Belarus to Dongguan

02.09.2019 − Dongguan Sinotrans Logistics, a member of the Chinese logistics group Sinotrans, has for the first time operated a block train loaded with sawn timber from Belarus to Dongguan/Guangdong province.» more

Canfor cuts production by a further bdft 75m

30.08.2019 − Canadian Canfor will reduce coniferous timber production at its five sawmills in Houston, Polar, Prince George, Plateau and Fort St. John from early September.» more

Finland: Sawn softwood output down by 3.7 %

30.08.2019 − Finland’s output of sawn softwood fell by 3.7 % in the second quarter of 2019 to 3.120m m³.» more

EU: Import regulations for North American hardwood

28.08.2019 − On the basis of the EC Directive 2019/523/EC of 21 March 2019, the European Union (EU) has broadened the scope of the import regulations for plant products requiring certification and testing. » more

Barely any signs of an uplift in demand in North Africa

28.08.2019 − There has been no revival in business activity in the sawn softwood markets of North Africa and the Middle East even over the summer months.» more

Finland; Sawlog prices fell again slightly in June

28.08.2019 − After the reduction at the outset of the year and a temporary period of stabilisation in April/May, sawlog prices fell again slightly in Finland.» more

Interfor CEO Davies to step down at the end of the year

27.08.2019 − The CEO and President of Interfor Duncan Davies, Canada, will step down effective December 31. » more

Stålnacke becomes new HR manager at Sveaskog

26.08.2019 − Marie Stålnacke becomes the new head of human resources at the Swedish forestry group Sveaskog.» more

Pölkky invests €10m in new planing mill construction

21.08.2019 − Finish sawmill group Pölkky announced that it intended to construct a new planing mill in Taivalkoski for a total of approximately €10m.» more

Mebor supplies band saw lines for oak sawmills

20.08.2019 − Slovenian mechanical engineering company Mebor has supplied two oak sawmills in Germany with band saw lines.» more

Universal Forest Products: New organisational structure

20.08.2019 − In future US Universal Forest Products will operate under the name of UFP Industries Inc. (UFPI) and will also have a new organisational structure.» more

Great Pacific Capital to acquire all shares in Canfor

19.08.2019 − On 10 August 2019 Canfor Corp. received an unsolicited non-binding offer from Great Pacific Capital.» more