Sveaskog: lower roundwood prices burden results

14.08.2020 − Over the course of the second quarter Swedish Sveaskog, at 2.7m m³, was able to sell approximately 2 % more roundwood. » more


Mestä commences construction of Rauma sawmill

13.08.2020 − In the second quarter, Metsä Group gave the green light for construction of the new sawmill in Rauma. » more

Swedish exports continue to be higher than last year

13.08.2020 − Following the 17% increase in softwood lumber exports achieved in the first quarter, in April and May Swedish exports also continued to surpass the respective comparative figure of 2019. » more

Logging in Germany increased owing to higher damage

12.08.2020 − At a total of 68.21m m³, the volume of roundwood felled in Germany’s forests in 2019 was 6.0 % higher than a year earlier. » more

Baltic sawmills cutting still throttled

11.08.2020 − As in previous months, numerous Baltic sawmills were unable to expand their production capacities in July, due to a continued shortage of roundwood. » more

US sawmilling industry harmed by Canadian deliveries

10.08.2020 − The NAFTA arbitration panel now shares the view of the U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) at the DOC that Canadian deliveries of sawnwood to the USA harm the sawmilling industry.» more

USA: 2x4 price approaches US$600 mark

10.08.2020 − In mid-July, the average price for Western SPF KD R/L 2x4 #2&Btr. on the US softwood lumber market already surpassed the mark of US$500/1,000bdft ex mill for the first time since July 2018.» more

Belarus: more timber exports on new silk road

07.08.2020 − Belarusian export companies are increasingly taking advantage of the possibilities provided by the Chinese one belt, one road initiative (new silk road) regarding transportation of lumber to China. » more

Södra Wood: decline in results slackens off

07.08.2020 − In the second quarter operating profit of the wood business division of Södra plummeted by 47%, or SEK55m, to SEK62m. » more

Prices for spruce logs take a tumble in China

04.08.2020 − Spruce roundwood prices fell sharply in China in June.» more

Growth of 42 % in planed-product exports overseas

03.08.2020 − German exports of planed products to non-European countries in the first quarter were 42 % higher than in the same quarter of last year at 557,244 m³, increasing their share of the total exports to 76 %. » more

Stora Enso: EBITDA continues to decline

31.07.2020 − In the second quarter the wood products business division of Stora Enso sold approximately 1.174m m³ lumber and further processed wood products. » more

Minor reduction recorded in Russian sawnwood output

30.07.2020 − Russia’s output of sawnwood in June was 1.7 % lower than a year earlier at around 2.5m m³. » more

Holmen to increase capacity by 56 % with Martinsons

29.07.2020 − Holmen wants to acquire all the shares in Martinsons Group in northern Sweden for 1bn SEK. » more

Segezha Group to extend Onega sawmill

27.07.2020 − Segezha Group of Segezha is planning to invest a total of approximately 5bn RUB (roughly equivalent to 66m €) in the northern Russian sawmilling facility Onega LDK. » more

Germany’s opportunities for woodchip exports decreased

27.07.2020 − Germany’s opportunities for supplying woodchips to its European neighbours fell sharply during the course of the second quarter.» more

Kurt Schuhmacher: first order from sawmilling industry

24.07.2020 − Kurt Schuhmacher whose activities in the wood sector are currently geared to assembly and conversion projects at wood-based panel manufacturers, wants to expand its operations into the sawmilling industry.» more

Spain imports 2% less softwood lumber

23.07.2020 − Spanish softwood lumber imports, valued at €40.0m, decreased by 2% in the first quarter of 2020 to 239,596m³.» more

Sawn softwood production raised by 6.4%

21.07.2020 − The output of rough-sawn softwood in Germany in the first quarter was 6.4 % higher than a year earlier at 4.783m m³.» more

Central European prices for Siberian larch rising

20.07.2020 − In the last few months, the volume larch sawnwood made in Siberia sold in central Europe has been noticeably higher than last year. » more

British imports down 23.8 % in first quarter

15.07.2020 − British imports of sawn softwood in the first quarter were 23.8 % lower than a year earlier at 1.346m m³.» more

Jartek to supply seven sorting lines for ULK sawmill

13.07.2020 − The northern Russian ULK group recently concluded a contract with Jartek Invest for supplying sawnwood sorting equipment for the industrial-scale sawmill planned for Karpogory. » more

Koskisen planning to build new sawmill in Järvelä

09.07.2020 − Koskisen wants to build a new sawmill at its company headquarters in Järvelä. » more

Russian sawn softwood exports to China down 13%

02.07.2020 − In the first quarter Russian exports of softwood lumber to China decreased by 13% vis à vis the preceding year to 3.679m m³. » more

Czech Republic: clearance of damaged wood up by 74%

01.07.2020 − In 2019, a total of approximately 27.910m m³ of damaged wood in the Czech Republic was caused by insects, representing an increase of 82% compared to the preceding year. » more

EOS: impact of corona crisis less severe than feared

30.06.2020 − The members of the European Organisation of the Sawmill Industry (EOS) at the general meeting on 10 June believe the effects of the corona crisis on softwood sawmills have so far been less serious than feared.» more

Chilean exports of sawn radiata pine drop by one fifth

29.06.2020 − Chilean exporters sold 546,260m³ of rough-sawn radiata pine lumber at a value of US$109.4m in the fourth quarter. » more

US sawnwood output increased 5.2 % in first quarter

26.06.2020 − An estimated 9.160bn bdft of sawn softwood was produced in the USA in the first three months of this year, 5.2 % more than in the same period of last year. » more

Bergs Timber selling four sawmills in Sweden to Vida

25.06.2020 − On 17 June, Bergs Timber came to an agreement with Vida on the sale of the Swedish sawmills Vimmerby, Mörlunda, and Orrefors as well as the assets of the only recently closed Gransjö works. » more

Hasslacher Preding reopens sawmill after conversion

23.06.2020 − At the end of April, the sawmill of Hasslacher Preding Holzindustrie belonging to Austrian Hasslacher group reopened for business following the completion of a large part of the ongoing conversion work. » more