Initial forecast puts damaged wood 40 % below 2020

05.03.2021 − If weather conditions are favourable from the point of view of forest protection, the volume of damaged wood in Germany is expected to amount to 39.6m m³ in 2021.» more


ATA Timber founds subsidiary for sales in Great Britain

02.03.2021 − ATA Timber has been conducting the majority of its lumber sales in Great Britain since 1 January 2021 via the newly founded subsidiary ATA Timber UK. » more

Siberian Atlant places order with USNR for sawmilling lines

01.03.2021 − USNR AB, belonging to US Natural Resources (USNR) signed a contract with the Siberian sawmilling company Atlant at the end of December for the delivery of a complete sawmilling line.» more

Moelven achieves significant improvement in earnings

26.02.2021 − Moelven Industrier closed 2020 with significant improvements in in its results. » more

UPM to shut small-diameter timber line at Kaukas sawmill

25.02.2021 − UPM-Kymmene intends to shut down its cutting line designed to process small-diameter pine lumber at the Kaukas sawmill during the course of 2021. » more

Bergs Timber profits from heavy DIY demand

19.02.2021 − After the sales of its Swedish sawmills to Vida, Bergs Timber profited from heavy demand from the DIY sector in the fourth quarter as well. » more

Increase in US imports from Europe tails off slightly

18.02.2021 − At a total of 1.075m m³, the volume of softwood lumber imported by the USA from the EU (including Great Britain) over the course of the fourth quarter of 2020 was 49% higher.» more

Shortages to continue in supply of Siberian larch

17.02.2021 − Procuring Siberian larch sawnwood remains difficult in central Europe at the beginning of 2021 due to a short supply. » more

Spain imports 14% less softwood lumber

15.02.2021 − In the third quarter, Spanish imports of softwood lumber decreased by 14% vis à vis 2019 to 199,667m³. » more

Stora Enso Wood Products’ sales boosted by 4.2 %

12.02.2021 − Including external deliveries, the “Wood Products” division of Stora Enso sold a total of 1.244m m³ of wood products in the fourth quarter.» more

Further decline in Russian sawnwood output in December

12.02.2021 − Russian sawmills produced 2.2m m³ of sawnwood in December; this equates to a reduction of 5.9 % against the same month a year earlier. » more

China imports 9.92m m³ spruce from Germany

11.02.2021 − China’s imports of spruce roundwood from Germany almost tripled vis à vis the preceding year to 9.92m m³. » more

Groups setting up new wood-purchasing company

10.02.2021 − Mondi Swiecie and the wood-purchasing organisations working for pulp and sawmills Mercer Holz, Wood & Paper and Slovwood Ružomberok want to set up a joint venture for purchasing wood. » more

Russian Sawmill 25 group’s output reduced slightly

09.02.2021 − The three sawmills of the northern Russian Sawmill 25 group processed 481,000 m³ of roundwood into 218,000 m³ of sawn softwood in the fourth quarter. » more

Segezha substantiates extension plans for Onega

08.02.2021 − The Russian Segezha Group is planning to thoroughly modernise and extend the northern Russian Onega sawmilling facility at a cost of RUB4.8bn (roughly equivalent to €60m). » more

BSW Timber abandons sawmill project in Gomilsko

05.02.2021 − BSW Timber Group had already abandoned its plans for building a sawmill with an annual cutting capacity of 300,000 m³ of softwood logs in Gomilsko, Slovenia, back in December. » more

Fines of €26.6m against companies in timber industry

04.02.2021 − The Romanian competition authority Consiliul Concurentei has imposed fines of RON129.685m - equivalent to approximately €26.6m - against 31 companies in the timber industry. » more

Madera to commission FinScan systems in April

03.02.2021 − Work on setting up sorting systems for kiln-dried larch sawnwood is to begin at the Siberian sawmilling company Madera in February as part of the modernisation of the existing sawmilling line. » more

New Juodeliai sawmill put into operation in November

02.02.2021 − In the second half of November, the Lithuanian wood-industry company Juodeliai put the new sawmill geared to an annual cutting capacity of 1m m³ of roundwood into operation at its Marijampole facility. » more

Western SPF 2x4 back above US$900 mark in USA

01.02.2021 − The increase that occurred in sawn-softwood prices on the US market from the beginning of December gathered pace until the end of the year and has also continued in the early days of 2021. » more

Prices for spruce roundwood now higher in China

29.01.2021 − The stabilisation and recovery that began in selling prices for spruce roundwood in China at the middle of 2020 has continued in December and January. » more

Supplies of sawnwood running up against limits

28.01.2021 − At the beginning of 2021, supply and demand are increasingly drifting further apart on the international sawn-softwood markets. » more

Wood felling in Finland in Q1-3 decreased by 15 %

27.01.2021 − In the first nine months, the volume of roundwood felled in Finland for use as a material amounted to around 40.3m m³, equating to a reduction of 15.1 % against a year earlier. » more

Further growth in roundwood prices in Finland recently

25.01.2021 − The growth noticeable in softwood sawlog prices in Finland since July continued in November as well. » more

HS Timber Group constructing sawmill in Belarus

22.01.2021 − On 18 December, HS Timber Group began construction work on a small-diameter sawmill with an adjoining planing works in Svisloch, Belarus, roughly 12 km from the Polish border. » more

Further increases in Scandinavians’ sawnwood prices

18.01.2021 − In the preliminary contracts for deliveries in the first quarter prices for planeable Scandinavian whitewood assortments were raised by an average of €18-20/m³.» more

Stora Enso investing €80m in handling wood in Imatra

14.01.2021 − Stora Enso is investing roughly €80m in centralising and modernising the wood-handling resources for the two Kaukopää and Tainionkoski pulp and board mills by the third quarter of 2022. » more

Cooperation between Viken AT Market and Sapin

14.01.2021 − Norwegian Viken AT Market and Belgian Sapin want to work more closely together in trade with roundwood and woodchips in future. » more

Growth of 34 % in Russian exports to Europe in Q3

11.01.2021 − Russian exports of sawn softwood to the eleven most important European recipient countries rose in the third quarter of 2020 by 34 % to 1.222m m³.» more

Segezha’s sawn softwood output increased by 17.2 %

07.01.2021 − In the third quarter, the sawmills of Segezha Group of Segezha, Russia, produced 325,600 m³ of sawn softwood. » more