Chilean radiata pine exports decreased

15.12.2017 − Chilean exports of radiata pine timber in the first nine months fell 2% short of the figure for the same period of last year at 1.932m m³. » more


Higher rate of growth in prices in USA in November

12.12.2017 − The growth meanwhile noticeable in softwood lumber prices on the US market since the end of August gathered considerably more pace during the course of November, particularly in the case of 2x4 assortments. » more

Bergvik Skog’s forests in Sweden to be sold

07.12.2017 − The currently twelve principal shareholders of Swedish Bergvik Skog signed a non-binding letter of intent on 27 November for reorganisation of the areas of forest in Sweden. » more

13% increase registered in US hardwood exports

29.11.2017 − US suppliers exported roughly 13% more hardwood timber worldwide in the third quarter at 1.13m m³. » more

Sharp rise registered in USA’s exports of red oak

24.11.2017 − US log exports in the first three quarters of this year were roughly on par with those of last year at 1.563m m³. A marked change occurred in the distribution of wood species, however. » more

Czech Republic dispensing with a general ban on felling

22.11.2017 − The decree for a nationwide ban on green-timber felling for spruce and pine proposed by the Czech ministry of agriculture in September has not been implemented.» more

Sweden able to increase exports in August by 13%

20.11.2017 − In August, Swedish exporters of softwood lumber and planed lumber achieved significant increases in the case of exports to purchasers in Asia and the USA.» more

USA declares negotiations on SLA to have failed

17.11.2017 − On 1 November, the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) took a final decision on antidumping (AD) and countervailing duty (CVD) on Canadian deliveries of softwood lumber to the USA.» more

British sawmills increased lumber production by 5%

14.11.2017 − In 2016 British sawmills produced a total of 3.624m m³ softwood lumber. By comparison with the preceding year this corresponds to an increase of 5%.» more

Cherepovetsles commissions second sawmill

13.11.2017 − At the end of September north-west Russian LHK Cherepovetsles (Cherepovets) commissioned its meanwhile second sawmill at the Veregonets location in the Belozersky District. » more

Binder’s takeover of Klenk approved by cartel offices

09.11.2017 − The German Federal Cartel Office and its Austrian counterpart have given their approval for the merger between Austrian Binder and Klenk Holz. » more

Hamberger closing sawmill in Kleinostheim

07.11.2017 − The hardwood sawmill of Hamberger Hardwood of Kleinostheim will be closing down and discontinuing business operations in mid-2018. » more

Södra opens second sales office in China

04.11.2017 − In order to optimise its exports to China and Southeast Asia, Södra opened an additional sales office in Hong Kong on 1 October. » more

Potlatch and Deltic Timber merging into PotlatchDeltic

31.10.2017 − US-American Deltic Timber and Potlach are merging via a share swap to form PotlatchDeltic. » more

Bergs Timber post-tax result increased to 25 million SEK

30.10.2017 − Swedish Bergs Timber closed the fourth quarter of its business year 2016/2017 (31 August) with higher sales revenue and performance figures. » more

China log/timber imports in excess of 100m m³

27.10.2017 − China imported a total of around 62m m³ of logs and timber in the first seven months of this year, equating to an increase of 12% against the same period of last year. » more

Russian softwood lumber exports to China up by 17%

23.10.2017 − In the second quarter Russian softwood lumber exports to China increased by 17% vis à vis the comparative quarter of the preceding year to 4.558m m³. » more

Price for SPF 2x4 reaches all-time high in USA

19.10.2017 − At the beginning of October, the price for the benchmark grade of SPF 2x4 #2&Btr, established weekly by the US information service Random Lengths, reached a new record level. » more

Romsilva reckoning with 460,000 m³ of stormwood

13.10.2017 − After the storms that hit parts of the Balkans and western Romania on 17 and 18 September, the Romanian state forest administration (Romsilva) published an initial estimate of the damage on 21 September. » more

The Carlyle Group selling Klenk Holz to Binderholz

11.10.2017 − On 28 September, The Carlyle Group made a binding agreement with Austrian Binderholz on the sale of Klenk Holz in its entirety. » more

ISC: Growth in softwood timber production to continue

09.10.2017 − The growth in softwood timber production is expected to continue this year and next year in Europe and North America.» more

Advantage Lumber acquires facility in Brazil

28.09.2017 − The US company Advantage Trim & Lumber Company Inc., based in Buffalo, New York, acquired a sawmill in Benevides in the Brazilian state of Pará from WX Comercio e Exportacao de Madeira Eireli.» more

Arauco not rebuilding sawmill in Santa Olga after all

25.09.2017 − The Chilean timber and pulp group Celulosa Arauco y Constitución of Santiago de Chile has reconsidered its decision to rebuild the sawmill in Santa Olga in the Maule region.» more

Sawmill and pellet works planned for Bonfield, Ontario

20.09.2017 − Approximately CAD140m is to be invested in building a sawmill and pellet works as well as a production line for value-added timber products in Bonfield, Ontario, by spring 2019.» more

Softwood lumber exports decline in second quarter

12.09.2017 − Contrary to previous statements and expectations from the industry, in the second quarter of 2017 German exports of rough-sawn softwood lumber declined by some 7% to approximately 1.44m m³. » more

Further increase in Belarusian lumber exports

11.09.2017 − Belarusian exports of softwood lumber increased by 57% in the first half vis à vis the comparative period last year to 1.027m m³. » more

Final antidumping and CVD duties in November

08.09.2017 − US Department of Commerce (DOC) has postponed the determination of final antidumping and countervailing duties (CVD) on Canadian deliveries of softwood lumber to the USAto 14 November. » more

Sibo examining option of small-diameter log sawmill

06.09.2017 − German Sibo group is currently examining the option of setting up and small-diameter log sawmill near Olpe in order to safeguard the supply of timber for the growing output of pallets in future. » more

Belarus extending regulation for log export licences

05.09.2017 − On 14 July, the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus extended the directive in compliance with which log-export licences must be purchased by five months to 31 December.» more

Mercer merging timber purchasing into Mercer Holz

04.09.2017 − With effect from 1 September, the German timber-purchasing organisation of Canadian Mercer International, Mercer Holz Nord, and Mercer Holz Süd were merged into Mercer Holz. » more