Wood felling in Finland in Q1-3 decreased by 15 %

27.01.2021 − In the first nine months, the volume of roundwood felled in Finland for use as a material amounted to around 40.3m m³, equating to a reduction of 15.1 % against a year earlier. » more


Further growth in roundwood prices in Finland recently

25.01.2021 − The growth noticeable in softwood sawlog prices in Finland since July continued in November as well. » more

HS Timber Group constructing sawmill in Belarus

22.01.2021 − On 18 December, HS Timber Group began construction work on a small-diameter sawmill with an adjoining planing works in Svisloch, Belarus, roughly 12 km from the Polish border. » more

Further increases in Scandinavians’ sawnwood prices

18.01.2021 − In the preliminary contracts for deliveries in the first quarter prices for planeable Scandinavian whitewood assortments were raised by an average of €18-20/m³.» more

Stora Enso investing €80m in handling wood in Imatra

14.01.2021 − Stora Enso is investing roughly €80m in centralising and modernising the wood-handling resources for the two Kaukopää and Tainionkoski pulp and board mills by the third quarter of 2022. » more

Cooperation between Viken AT Market and Sapin

14.01.2021 − Norwegian Viken AT Market and Belgian Sapin want to work more closely together in trade with roundwood and woodchips in future. » more

Growth of 34 % in Russian exports to Europe in Q3

11.01.2021 − Russian exports of sawn softwood to the eleven most important European recipient countries rose in the third quarter of 2020 by 34 % to 1.222m m³.» more

Segezha’s sawn softwood output increased by 17.2 %

07.01.2021 − In the third quarter, the sawmills of Segezha Group of Segezha, Russia, produced 325,600 m³ of sawn softwood. » more

27 % growth registered in Sweden’s exports to Europe

05.01.2021 − During the course of September, Swedish exporters increased their deliveries of sawn softwood and planed products to European customers by 27 % to 814.300 m³. » more

US imports from Europe 60 % higher than last year

04.01.2021 − The USA imported considerably more sawn softwood from Europe again in October than it had in the same month of last year. » more

Finnish exports to Europe boosted by 22 % in Q3

17.12.2020 − Finnish exports of rough-sawn and planed sawnwood to European countries in the third quarter were 22 % higher than in the same period of last year at 889,717 m³.» more

Cherepovetsles puts HewSaw line into operation

14.12.2020 − The northwest Russian wood-industry company LHK Cherepovetsles put a HewSaw R200 A.1 chipping line from the machine-engineering company Veisto into operation at the beginning of November.» more

SCA sells British subsidiary to BSW Timber Group

10.12.2020 − On 1 December, Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget (SCA) sold its value-adding and trading activities operated through SCA Wood Supply UK to BSW Timber Group. » more

Peak reached by China’s spruce imports from Europe

08.12.2020 − At over 1.67m m³, European exports of spruce roundwood to China reached the highest level so far this year in September. » more

SCA’s new sorting plant in Bollsta on schedule

07.12.2020 − The construction of a new sorting plant for the Bollsta sawmill of Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget (SCA) is currently on schedule. » more

BSW Timber Group taking over Dick Brothers Forestry

04.12.2020 − BSW Timber Group is taking over Dick Brothers Forestry from the investment company Faro Capital. » more

Klausner Lumber Two auction set for 10 December

03.12.2020 − On 18 November, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Wilmington, Delaware, approved the sales of the assets and other assets of Klausner Lumber Two and set 10 December as the date for the auction.» more

Fire at Mosser causes breakdown of sawline

27.11.2020 − On 12 November, a fire at the Zarnsdorf sawmill location of Austrian Mosser Group damaged the first machinery group of the reducer bandsaw line. » more

COFFI expects lower softwood lumber production

26.11.2020 − In 2020, according to the figures available so far, softwood lumber production in Europe, the EECCA region and North America is expected to decline by an estimated 1.6% to a total of 251.0m m³. » more

COFFI anticipates lower logging volume in 2020

25.11.2020 − Despite extensive forest damage in parts of central Europe and Scandinavia, COFFI expects timber harvesting in Europe in 2020 to decline by 2.2% to 463.2m m³.» more

USA’s sawnwood imports from Europe boosted 79 %

20.11.2020 − At a total of 711,126 m³, the USA imported 79 % or 323,662 m³ more sawn softwood from the EU (including the UK) in the third quarter than they did in the same period of last year.» more

James Jones extending log yard in Lockerbie

19.11.2020 − James Jones & Sons is currently extending the existing log yard of Lockerbie Mill 1 sawmill in Stevens Croft by four acres (equivalent to 1.6 ha). » more

Moelven invests NOK170m in wood impregnation

16.11.2020 − Against the background of increased sales of impregnated wood products, Moelven recently decided to invest NOK170m into the construction of an impregnation system at Moelven Soknabruk.» more

Finland: production still below level of preceding year

12.11.2020 − After recording -22.8% in the first and -8.0% in the second quarter, Finnish production of softwood lumber also remained below the preceding year’s figure in the third quarter. » more

Sawmill 25 group boosts sawnwood production by 4 %

10.11.2020 − At 554,000 m³, the three sawmills of the northern Russian Sawmill 25 group cut roughly as much roundwood in the third quarter of 2020 as they did a year earlier. » more

Holmen investing SEK70m in raising kiln capacity

09.11.2020 − Holmen is enlarging the annual kiln capacity of the Iggesund sawmilling facility from the present 400,000 m³ to 500,000 m³ of sawn softwood in future. » more

Spanish imports of oak lumber decrease

09.11.2020 − Spanish imports of oak lumber continued to decrease in the second quarter, following the decline recorded in the first quarter. » more

Spanish lumber imports continue to decrease

06.11.2020 − In the second quarter, Spanish imports of softwood lumber decreased by 29% vis à vis the preceding year to 186,252m³. » more

Sawnwood prices in USA lower again for seasonal reasons

05.11.2020 − After the lateral movement in prices for spruce-fir-pine (SPF) assortments, a marked downward adjustment occurred in prices on the US sawn-softwood market until the end of October.» more

Cedar now to resume sawmill construction in Croatia

04.11.2020 − The Croatian hardwood sawmill Cedar can now resume construction work on its new sawmill after a delay of over a year. » more