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Steinhoff records turnover decline in first nine months

15.09.2020 − In the first nine months of the 2019/2020 financial year, turnover of the continued operations at Steinhoff International Holdings decreased by 6% to €6.762bn.» more


USA: Decline in orders weakened in May

17.08.2020 − Following a 61% slump in April, order intake by US furniture manufacturers in the residential sector was only 8% lower year-on-year in May at US$2.285b. » more

Group of Swiss investors buys Conforama Suisse

17.08.2020 − Steinhoff International Holdings has found a new owner for Conforama Suisse based in Ecublens, Switzerland, too.» more

French furniture trade benefits from catch-up effects

27.07.2020 − Following collapses in March (-51.6%) and April (-84.9%), turnover in the French furniture trade in May fell just 0.7% short of the preceding year’s figure. » more