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Export of Russian roundwood to be banned

26.10.2020 − President of Russia Vladimir Putin intends to ban the export of unprocessed roundwood from 2022 onwards. » more


Nordautomation supplying log-sorting system to ULK

02.10.2020 − Finnish Nordautomation will be supplying two roundwood-sorting stations for the wood-industry complex planned by Russian ULK at its Karpogory facility in Archangelsk oblast. » more

2020 damaged wood estimate swells to almost 73m m³

08.09.2020 − Estimates submitted by the German federal states in spring for the expected volume of damaged wood in 2020 have been revised significantly upwards. » more

Sweden: pulpwood prices continue to decline

26.08.2020 − The decline in pulpwood prices, which has been evident in Sweden since the beginning of 2019, continued in the second quarter. » more