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Great Plains MDF to start construction in autumn 2021

22.03.2021 − Great Plains MDF, a firm that was originally created as a project company, intends to commission an MDF mill designed to process wheat straw in the Canadian province of Alberta during 2023. » more


Homann Holzwerkstoffe fully places new bond

12.03.2021 − Homann Holzwerkstoffe successfully placed its new 2021/2026 bond more quickly and with a higher volume than originally planned. » more

Manufacturers argue with higher raw material costs

08.03.2021 − Central European particleboard and MDF manufacturers are increasingly underscoring rising raw material and logistical costs in current talks to settle on terms for deliveries from March or April onwards.» more

Homanit orders another THDF line from Dieffenbacher

01.03.2021 − Dieffenbacher is set to deliver a complete THDF line for a thin board mill that Homann is planning in Pagirai, Lithuania. » more