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Increase in US imports from Europe tails off slightly

18.02.2021 − At a total of 1.075m m³, the volume of softwood lumber imported by the USA from the EU (including Great Britain) over the course of the fourth quarter of 2020 was 49% higher.» more


Shortages to continue in supply of Siberian larch

17.02.2021 − Procuring Siberian larch sawnwood remains difficult in central Europe at the beginning of 2021 due to a short supply. » more

Spain imports 14% less softwood lumber

15.02.2021 − In the third quarter, Spanish imports of softwood lumber decreased by 14% vis à vis 2019 to 199,667m³. » more

Stora Enso Wood Products’ sales boosted by 4.2 %

12.02.2021 − Including external deliveries, the “Wood Products” division of Stora Enso sold a total of 1.244m m³ of wood products in the fourth quarter.» more