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COFFI anticipates lower logging volume in 2020

25.11.2020 − Despite extensive forest damage in parts of central Europe and Scandinavia, COFFI expects timber harvesting in Europe in 2020 to decline by 2.2% to 463.2m m³.» more


James Jones extending log yard in Lockerbie

19.11.2020 − James Jones & Sons is currently extending the existing log yard of Lockerbie Mill 1 sawmill in Stevens Croft by four acres (equivalent to 1.6 ha). » more

CEMAC ministers recommend ban on log exports

29.10.2020 − The forest and environment ministers of the states of Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Cameroun, Republic of the Congo (Brazzaville), Chad, and Central African Republic have recommended halting roundwood exports.» more

Poland: roundwood sales to remain above 40m m³

27.10.2020 − For 2021 the Polish state forestry administration Lasy Panstwowe is planning to sell a total of 40.190m m³ roundwood.» more