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Central European prices for Siberian larch rising

20.07.2020 − In the last few months, the volume larch sawnwood made in Siberia sold in central Europe has been noticeably higher than last year. » more


British imports down 23.8 % in first quarter

15.07.2020 − British imports of sawn softwood in the first quarter were 23.8 % lower than a year earlier at 1.346m m³.» more

Segezha boosts volume of sawn softwood sales by 9 %

06.07.2020 − The volume of sawn-softwood sold by Segezha Group in the first quarter was 9.0 % higher than a year earlier at 207,100 m³.» more

Russian sawn softwood exports to China down 13%

02.07.2020 − In the first quarter Russian exports of softwood lumber to China decreased by 13% vis à vis the preceding year to 3.679m m³. » more