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Pinomatic also offering CLT press in future

29.01.2020 − Pinomatic has added a cross-laminated timber (CLT) press to its range of presses. » more


Södra introduces two-shift operation at CLT works in Värö

20.12.2019 − Södra switched production at its cross-laminated timber (CLT) works in Väro from single to two-shift operation on 18 November.» more

UHLK’s CLT production now underway in Korosten

19.12.2019 − Cross-laminated timber (CLT) production recently began at Ukrainian Sawmill Holding (UHLK), which is affiliated with Rezult Ukraine. » more

Ziegler Group enters gluelam business with Tecsol

12.12.2019 − At the end of November, Ziegler Group took over the gluelam-timber manufacturer Tecsol Holztechnik. » more